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How improved immunity could enhance your lifestyle

29 January 2022
2-minute read

Immunity and a healthy lifestyle aren’t mutually exclusive - as the past year or two has driven home. If your immune system is running in second gear, you simply won’t be able to function at your very best. Here are some of the biggest reasons why an improved immunity can lead to an enhanced lifestyle. 

Less chance of developing illnesses and infections

Vitamin D is a vital vitamin for the immune system and, during the colder months, many people in the UK suffer from a deficiency. An enhanced immune system, supported by the right supplementation, can help you get through the winter seasons without regularly experiencing those disruptive colds or infections. In fact, even throughout the rest of the year, a healthy, strong immune system will drastically lower the chances of getting ill. The result? It’s simple - when you’re feeling better, you’re more likely to reach your peak performance on a consistent basis.

Faster recovery

When you’ve ever had a big workout at the gym, you’re probably used to that achy feeling afterwards. While how you exercise is an important factor in how successful your workout will be, your immune system actually plays a big role in muscle recovery. When you go through a difficult workout, your muscle fibres are lightly damaged. If you’re looking to build muscle, recovering these muscle fibres post-workout is key. This is called the proinflammation process, which is driven by the immune system. With an immune system in tip-top shape, you could help to improve your recovery after hitting the gym, resulting in healthier (and not to mention potentially bigger) muscles.

A clearer mind and higher energy levels

When we think of the immune system within the body, it’s easy to think of it in an abstract way. Your immunity is actually a network that runs through your entire body, with 70% of the immune system held in the gut. While the primary function of the system is to fight off illnesses and infections, your immunity is inseparable from your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, the stronger your immunity, the less energy needs to be expended on the immune system and the less lethargic you will feel. The result is a potential for better clarity of mind and increased alertness.

So - what are the best ways to improve your immunity, especially during the winter months? Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, our Immune Health supplement could be the perfect choice for you. Find out more about our immune supplement and how it could help your health by taking a look through our treatment page or booking a consultation today.

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