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How to Enhance the Results of Our Gut Health Supplement

Medically reviewed by Dr Knut Moe,
Sons Medical Director

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06 April 2022
2-minute read

How to Enhance the Results of Our Gut Health Supplement 

Our Gut Health Supplement is clinically proven to treat digestive issues and therefore improve the general health of your gut. It’s ideal for men hoping to treat abdominal pain, alleviate symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and get their gut feeling great. As a live bacterial supplement, LP299V binds to the cells in your gut wall, ultimately protecting you from other harmful bacteria. But what can you do to increase the probability of positive results when taking our supplement? Let’s find out.

Take your time

Although our Gut Health Supplement has evidence from >60 clinical studies, you won’t feel the effects from Day 1. Your gut will take time to adapt to this new bacteria. The evidence from these clinical studies shows beneficial effects from gut symptoms as early as 2 weeks after starting the supplement, whilst the symptoms improve even further with 3-4 weeks of continuous use. We recommend at least 4-8 weeks of continuous use to obtain the best effects.

Be consistent 

We’ve intentionally developed our supplement to ensure it’s straightforward to take. All you need to do is take one tablet each day at a regular time, and the supplement can work effectively. However, you’ll need to make sure you take your tablet consistently and don’t regularly skip days. Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the supplement, and you will potentially have to wait longer to see the results. As such, it’s helpful to incorporate your daily tablet into your current daily routine. Whether you take it while you’re brushing your teeth before bed or alongside a glass of water at breakfast, getting into a routine is very useful for remembering. 

Focus on diet and exercise   

Our Gut Health Supplement has extensive evidence for improving gut health, however there are many other lifestyle factors that enhance these beneficial gut effects even further. Improving your diet is one of the most effective ways of enhancing your gut health. Plant-based foods contain fiber, which is the best food for your gut microbiome. Aim for 30 different plant based foods each week for optimal gut diversity. This can include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, spices and anything else that comes from a plant. Exercise also has a beneficial effect on your gut and can improve symptoms of poor gut health. This can be any exercise that moves your body, from running to yoga. 


Prebiotics are substances found in certain plant foods that specifically help to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. Helpfully, prebiotics are widely available in a range of foods, including bananas, berries, artichokes, apples, and barley (to name just a few). Prebiotics and probiotics work in tandem, so it’s crucial to consider both when formulating your diet. By incorporating lots of prebiotic-rich foods into your diet, you may not only help our Gut Health Supplement to work better, but also feed all of the other healthy microbes that are already in your gut.

The bottom line is that taking our Gut Health Supplement is one of the steps you could take towards a healthier gut. By improving your diet and exercising regularly, you will provide our supplement with the foundation to be successful and yield the desired results. 

Interested in learning more? This article further explains how to improve your gut health. If your gut symptoms are more serious, you may want to consider taking Omeprazole if you regularly suffer from heartburn or mild acid reflux, in addition to our Gut Health Supplement.