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How zinc can help to fight off flu and colds

How zinc can help to fight off flu and colds
31 January 2022
2-minute read

When winter comes around, the inevitable colds and flu tend to start making their way around. Shaking them off can be hard and could have a big impact on your ability to work and enjoy the colder months. One way to help fight off colds and flu is daily supplementation, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to support the immune system sufficiently. The mineral zinc is one such example and has often been used against colds and flu. So - can zinc help a cold go away?

Is zinc good for colds and flu?

Before we delve into whether zinc can help with colds and flu, it’s worth defining what exactly these illnesses are. Colds, sinusitis, pneumonia, COVID-19 and flu are all considered respiratory tract infections. While RTIs may clear quickly thanks to a strong immune system, they can prove costly in terms of the time you take off work. 

Zinc might not be the sole solution to colds or flu, however the mineral has the potential to play a big role in the ability of your immunity to fight back and get you back to your best. In fact, zinc is a crucial element in inflammation, blood pressure, tissue injuries and responses to a lack of oxygen too. It can be found in meat, fish, beans, nuts and seeds, however sometimes it can be beneficial to take as a supplement.

Is there any evidence to support the use of zinc for colds and the flu?

Understandably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in zinc’s abilities to fight off flu and colds has increased significantly and has resulted in a variety of fascinating studies. Despite more research needed in the field, multiple studies have suggested that the supplementation of zinc on a daily basis can lower the incidence, duration and severity of common colds and flu symptoms. A large study examining  28 clinical trials involving 5,446 adults, found that cold symptoms cleared up two days sooner in people who took zinc supplements versus placebo. 

What’s the best way to take zinc?

Zinc can be taken on its own as a supplement, however, our Immune Health supplement contains zinc and other ingredients that can support your immune system. Featuring 10 other scientifically supported ingredients, including Wellmune®, vitamin E and vitamin D, Immune Health has the potential to support your immune system and improve your overall wellbeing. Wellmune® itself has been clinically supported in a number of studies showing its ability to help safely and naturally support the immune system.


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