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Memorable hair-dos of the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Memorable hair-dos of the 2019 Rugby World Cup
25 November 2019
2-minute read

Now that the 2019 Rugby World Cup has come to an end, it’s time to have a discussion that’s more commonly associated with the coiffured talents of the football world - here’s a breakdown of the memorable hair-dos in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. 


Shota Horie (Japan) 


Japan had a great World Cup performance, owed in part to the hard work of their hooker Shota Horie. The player was awarded Man of the Match in what was perhaps his team’s greatest success of the tournament when they beat Ireland in the group stages. Maybe, like Samson, his rugby powers come from his sensational locks of dreaded hair. 


Maxime Medard (France) 


Maxime Medard is a talented French winger that is a two-time winner of the Heineken Cup but he’s also known for another reason. Nicknamed the ‘French Wolverine’, Medard has a hairdo complete with full mutton chops that turns the clock back to the 1970s. Whilst the winger is a celebrated rugby player, we doubt his outdated hairdo will receive many accolades any time soon.  


RG Snyman (South Africa)


RG Snyman will be pretty chuffed with himself - he won the World Cup in his debut performance at the tournament and played in every game along the way. Whilst he should be very proud of the way he played, he should perhaps be less certain of his hairstyle - Snyman’s unruly mop of hair was matched by an equally unruly beard.


Joe Marler (England) 


Joe Marler was a solid prop for England during the tournament, however, his hairdo was a little bit more questionable. Marler opted for a salt and pepper style dark brown beard on the bottom and a platinum blonde quiff on top. A great performance on the pitch but not the greatest decisions made in the barber's chair. 


Andrey Garuzoz (Russia) 


Russia might not have had the best of World Cups but one of their players had a pretty impressive stat. Their flanker, Andrey Garuzov, had a 100% tackle rate - with the bowl cut and longer back look he was styling, perhaps he was thinking of his barber.


Lasha Malaguradze (Georgia)


One of the better hairdos of the tournament came from Lasha Malaguradze. The Georgian fly-half showed us why a suave crew cut and a well-groomed moustache is always a strong style to go for. This hairdo is considered a classic for all the right reasons. 


Jack Goodhue (New Zealand) 


At one point, Jack Goodhue’s mullet was dubbed the All Blacks’ ‘tournament mascot’. Whilst the talented centre had a great moments, their convincing defeat by England make this a mascot that Jack Goodhue and his New Zealand compatriots will want to forget. 


The 2019 Rugby World Cup saw some great rugby with plenty of dramatic moments and some closely fought matches. However, one of the fiercest competitions of them all concerned the most memorable hair-do. Whilst, we’re not sure these looks were memorable for the right reasons, there were memorable all the same.

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