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Our top facial hairstyles to try during lockdown!

20 July 2020
3-minute read

You only need to count how many of your friends have shaved their heads in recent weeks to know that lockdown is making some people go stir crazy. Why not put the time to (better) use, by growing your facial hair. We’ve all thought about having a moustache or a beard at some point but weren’t ready to commit to a fully-fledged attempt. What’s our excuse now? Here are our top facial hairstyles to try during lockdown:

The Balbo

We’re sure that there’s been more than a few men bingeing superhero films during lockdown. If this applies to you then you might have seen the Balbo without realising - the most famous example of this style comes from the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. The Balbo consists of a well-kept beard with a separated moustache and no sideburns. To nail this style, follow these steps:

  • Grow your facial hair until you’ve got decent all-over coverage.
  • Cleanly shave your sideburns - roughly from the halfway-point between chin and jawbone (make sure to use your mirror).
  • Separate the moustache by shaving any connection it has with the lower facial hair. 

The 70s ‘tache


The 70’s moustache has made a little comeback recently - so if you grow one now, you can boast to your mates that you were ahead of the trend. This style is definitely for the brave-hearted but if you can pull it off, you’ll become an instant sex symbol (just ask Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck) and if not, the only embarrassment you’ll have is with the man in the mirror. Here’s the breakdown:

  • To get it a full-macho-70s moustache, you’ll need to grow it for four to six weeks minimum. 
  • Make sure the rest of your face is clean-shaven to make it clear you are working on the tache.
  • Once fully-grown, simply comb down into place and trim any outstanding hairs with scissors.

The beardstache


The safety of social distancing means you can afford to try something a bit out there without your mates jabbing at you - with that being said, why not try the beardstache. This undeniably modern and masculine look is a twist on the older imperial moustache style and has recently been donned by the likes of Jamie Dornan and Tom Hardy. Enough said? Give it a go with these steps:

  • You need to grow out the moustache and beard for around a month or two minimum. The moustache needs to be at least an inch and a half long, so be patient.
  • Trim your beard to down until its short-medium stubble but keep your moustache longer. 
  • Shape your moustache to a shape that suits your face shape. 

Designer stubble 

Designer stubble is one of the most popular facial hairstyles - a modern classic in its own right. It’s a slight variation on a ‘5 o’clock shadow’ that’s been worn by almost every man in history at some point. This is probably because it looks good and means you don’t have to shave as much: between the indoor workout and new hobby you’ve started during lockdown, saving time on shaving and getting great style can only be a win-win. See for yourself:

  • Grow your facial hair for a week - maybe two - and keep it nice and tidy. 
  • Keep clean lines, especially around the throat and on the cheeks (messy stubble just looks lazy)
  • Keep your hair above your adam’s apple
  • Use a graded shaver to maintain length and avoid bushiness

The ring goatee


The ring goatee has been a style choice for rockstars, intellectuals and artists for centuries. Johnny Depp and Will Smith have had this style for years, so there must be something in it. If you’re the type that’s grabbed your dusty guitar out of the cupboard to relive your rocker days or re-started your unfinished novel during lockdown, this is the style for you. Give it a go with these steps:

  • Grow out an all-over, medium length stubble - shouldn’t take too long.
  • Shave your sideburns and jawline but leave hair in a round-cornered shape that runs across your upper lip, then downwards to the centre of your chin.
  • Separate the stubble on your bottom lip and the stubble on your chin.   

Choosing the right facial hairstyle for your face takes time, patience and confidence - three things which lockdown gives you in abundance. Take a look through our styles to try during this time and we’re sure you’ll come out of isolation feeling like a new and improved version of yourself.