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What Cabin Fever? How to stay in with friends touch during social distancing

24 June 2020
2-minute read

By now, you’ve probably realised that things aren’t returning to normal anytime soon. One of the biggest things we’re all going to miss is spending time with our friends. Here are our top ways to stay in touch during social distancing.

Host a virtual dinner party

Eating with friends is one of the most rewarding forms of bonding. However, eating two metres apart hardly sets the right ambience. A great way to eat with loved ones is to host a virtual dinner party - put on your best clobber, pick a recipe for everyone to have a go at cooking and then eat your attempts over a video call app together. After lockdown, you can all meet up at a restaurant and see how it’s supposed to taste. Remember - friends that eat together, stay together. 

Bring back letter writing

Lots of us have watched old movies and yearned for a chance to experience the old days. Well, lockdown presents the chance to do just that. Why not keep in touch with your closest friends by sending each other letters. You can keep it classic by just updating each other on your lives or you can switch it up by including riddles and games to play.

Extend beyond online quizzes

Done enough online quizzes to last all year? We hear you. For those that are a little quizzed out, here are some new online game ideas for you and your friend group to try out:

  • Poker - Put your poker faces to the test with an online poker website where you can set up a private table with your mates. Poker Stars seems to be the most popular.
  • Cards Against Humanity - A great way to let off some steam is to get brutal with a game of Cards Against Humanity. The official website offers an online version for you and your mates to delve into some dark humour.
  • Word games - If you fancy something a bit more chilled and intellectual, all of your favourite word games can also be found online, ranging from Scrabble to Word Blitz.

Go on a night ‘out’ indoors

If you’re anything like us, you’re missing the opportunity to have a good night out with your mates. Why not invite all of your friends to a night ‘out’ from their own house? Get all your friends on a video call, get yourselves dressed up, play pre-drinking games and select a DJ live-steam to get the party started. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, you can even order yourself a post-night-out kebab or pizza. Classy.

Staying in touch with your friends during social distancing is an absolute must if you want to stay sane. Seeing as meeting up for a pint and a chat might still be a fair while off, it’s important to switch things up. We hope our tips help you and your mates to stay as close as ever.

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