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What is the gut-brain axis?

28 April 2021
2-minute read

From digesting food to hosting the immune system, a well-functioning gut has a huge part to play in your overall well being. The gut-brain axis is another reason why getting your gut health up to scratch should be at the top of your priorities. So - what is the gut-brain axis?

What is the gut-brain axis? 

The gut-brain axis is the communication system that links your gut and central nervous system. There are a variety of pathways that connect the two, including a major nerve called the vagus nerve that directly connects the gut and brain. Through the gut-brain axis, gut health and brain health are intrinsically linked. Your gut cells are able to send direct signals to your brain and vice versa, which could be the reason you may have an uneasy gut when feeling stressed or nervous. 

Why does the gut-brain axis matter?

If you’re interested in your health, the gut-brain axis matters. Due to the intertwining interconnection, the health of your mental wellbeing can depend heavily on the health of your gut. In a recent study, 1 in 3 people with IBS symptoms were also reporting back with symptoms of anxiety or depression. Ultimately, maintaining and looking after the gut-brain axis will have big benefits for both your gut and brain. 

How to work on your gut-brain axis 

Both brain and gut are symbiotic - if one is healthy, the other is often health too. Ensuring you’re keeping your mental health up to scratch with mindfulness practices and meditation could also have an important impact on the health of your gut. The evidence is there to back this up too - one study discovered that one intensive sessions of mindfulness every week for eight weeks helped to reduce symptoms of IBS by up to 40%. 

It isn’t just one way either. Sorting out your gut health could make a big difference to your mental health. Research has shown that a prebiotic, which helps to cultivate and feed your gut microbiome, is able to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. The live bacterial probiotic LP299v™ found in Sons’ Gut Health Supplements has also been shown in studies to lower levels of cortisol. With over 50 clinical studies conducted, LP299v™ is one of the most studied live bacterial supplements in the world and has scientifically-proven benefits for gut and brain health

Your brain and gut are fundamentally linked, so cultivating and boosting both vital organs is crucial if you want to be at your best. Sons’ Gut Health Supplements give you the tools you need to improve your gut health and wellbeing.

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