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5 daily habits to improve your gut health

5 daily habits to improve your gut health
11 June 2021
2-minute read

Good gut health isn’t only great for your digestion. A healthy gut can also help you to feel great, while also keeping your immune system in check. Alongside Sons’ Gut Health Supplements, there are plenty of ways to give your guta helping hand. Here are five daily habits you should practice to keep your gut happy.

Take a few minutes

Due to the gut-brain axis, daily mindfulness and meditation can have a significant impact on the health of your gut. A quick ten minute meditation before you start or end your day can help lower stress hormones such as cortisol and help prevent gut pains. Over a prolonged period of time, too much stress may have a damaging effect on your gut. Ensuring cortisol and stress levels remain low will put you on the path to a healthy gut, while also improving your mental health.

Feed on fibre

Your gut microbes have their own dietary requirements. Without feeding your gut microbes the right food, they’ll be forced to feed on less beneficial nutrients. The best food for your gut microbes, is fibre. Studies have shown that those with higher fibre intake have a healthier gut microbiome and lower-long term weight gain. Meals packed with fibre from fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds can act as a fertiliser for the microbes in your gut, keeping the bacterial troops alive and well.

Diversify your diet

It’s not just fibre that you should be focusing on if you want to improve your gut health. Your gut microbes crave diversity and get bored with the same foods. Diversifying your diet throughout the day is a habit that takes a bit of work to get into, but the benefits are significant. Make it a daily habit to keep track of what you’re eating and aim to work up to 30 different plant-based foods per week (fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, grains etc). Every time you go to the supermarket, buy a new food that you haven’t tried before. 

Move your body

If you want to improve every aspect of your health, exercise should be a daily commitment. Studies have shown that regular exercise can modify your gut microbiota with positive health effects. Committing to half an hour of exercise every day will help to keep your gut in check in the long term. If you’re struggling to fit a work out into your busy schedule, try cycling or walking to work. Remember, any type of movement that gets your heart rate up counts as exercise. 

Keep a gut diary

2 in 5 people experience regular gut issues such as bloating, gas and abdominal pain. But sometimes, it can be hard to identify the triggers. A daily diary can help to identify what is triggering gut issues and help make those changes in your diet and lifestyle. Use your phone or diary to keep a daily record of every meal, every time you exercise, your stress levels and any gut symptoms throughout the day. This will give you a detailed account of what is causing any gut symptoms and help you to avoid these in order to keep your gut feeling great.

Alongside all these daily habits, regular consumption of our Gut Health Supplements can give your gut that extra support. The core ingredient LP299v™ has been proven to reduce abdominal pain,bloating and improve your general gut health.

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