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Gut Supplements: A Sons Guide

17 June 2021
2-minute read

To put it simply - if your gut is unhealthy, your whole body can be affected. Whether you’re suffering from IBS or just want to stay healthy, taking Sons’ Gut Health Supplements could have a big impact on both your physical and mental health. Here’s a quick Sons guide on the what, when and where of our Gut Supplements.

What ingredients are in Sons’ Gut Health Supplements?

Our supplements contain a live bacteria called LP299v™. This supplement can play a huge part in making your gut a happy and thriving environment, in which good bacteria can be maintained and cultivated. When taking supplements containing LP299v™, the live bacteria binds to the gut wall and easily communicates with your gut cells. This then leads to a higher production of mucus in the gut, which strengthens your gut wall and can prevent harmful bacteria from causing your gut problems.

LP299v™is scientifically proven to improve gastrointestinal health and to keep their gut on the right path. If you’re experiencing IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating or gas, or want to keep your gut healthy, consistent consumption of LP299v™ could give your gut the helping hand it needs. 

Is there science to back up Gut Health Supplements?

Yes - LP299v™ is one of the most studied live bacterial supplements in the world, with over 50 human clinical studies in thousands of people. One large study discovered that, out of 214 people with IBS symptoms, LP299v™ reduced frequency and severity of abdominal pain and bloating by up to 50%. Another smaller study found similar results, lowering and soothing the symptoms of IBS.

It doesn’t stop there either - LP299v™ has been found to increase the absorption of iron and reduce blood pressure, which in turn helps your heart stay healthy. Studies have also shown that consuming LP299v™ around the time of exams can  reduce levels of a stress hormone called cortisol.. All of these scientific studies prove that good gut health is about more than just digestion.

How do I take Sons’ Gut Health Supplements and when will I see results?

After signing up to our treatment plans, we’ll deliver your supplements in discreet, recyclable packaging straight to your door. Each of our no-contract monthly plans contain 30 capsules and should be taken orally every day. Whether you take your supplement before bed or after you wake up, it couldn’t be easier to consume. 

LP299v™ has been proven to show results after only 4 weeks of daily use. When combined with healthy, balanced nutrition and consistent, regular exercise, Sons LP299v™ can help your gut and body remain healthy.  Throughout your time using Gut Health Supplements, you’ll also receive ongoing support, with our medical team happy to talk about your plan.

Get your gut back on track by trying out our Gut Health Supplement plan today.