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Stress affects us all. The demands of work, social and family commitments will naturally bring challenging moments, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand up to the test. Managing stress is key to being healthy and happy. So, what is stress and how do we keep it under control?

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What is stress? 

Stress is your body’s natural reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. The release of hormones in the body is intended to protect you from situations which we perceive to be harmful. However, too much of it can have a massive toll on our lives - it can stop us from seeing clearly, make us act irrationally and stop us from achieving our goals. If left unchecked, stress can also have major impacts on your physical health - making sure that you have management techniques for stress is key to prevent the impacts of stress on your mind and body.


How to identify stress 

Men experience stress in different ways, which is why it can have major impacts without you knowing. In fact, there are four key areas that can be impacted by stress and anxiety: your mind, your emotions, your body and your behaviour. Some men will experience a lack of concentration, while others experience sadness; some will have stomach problems, while others begin to isolate themselves from friends and family.


How to manage stress 

Being able to build a resilience to stress is key to leading a happy and healthy life. There are a number of techniques, which can help including: 

  • Being more active - exercise releases endorphins, which is proven to reduce stress
  • Mindfulness - actively recognising and appreciating things in your daily life can help to feel more positive
  • Opening up - talking to someone about your anxiety, can help to put things in perspective
  • Compartmentalise - breaking your tasks down into smaller goals can provide you with a manageable workload
  • Identify stressors - recognising sources of stress in your life and taking action to prevent them is crucial 

Our Nootropic Brain Health Supplement

Our Nootropic Brain Health Supplement encourages blood and oxygen to the brain, which helps it to function properly. Our supplement for stress contains nine natural substances which are well-researched and provide your brain with the nutrition it needs to remain resilient in challenging situations.

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