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The power of sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. Getting forty winks is key to your memory, creativity and mood, whilst also helping to strengthen your immune system. But what do we mean by good sleep and how do we get it?

Listen to your gut and strengthen your heart

We all know that the heart is at the core of our health. What wasn’t known until recently, was the incredibly important role that your gut plays in keeping your heart healthy. The connection between your heart and gut is intrinsic to your wellbeing.

Why do we sleep?

Sleep allows our mind and body the rest they need to perform bodily and behavioural functions, ranging from mood control, memory capacity and concentration. In fact, humans are designed to sleep. There is an internal body clock in all of us which releases hormones to feel alert during the day and hormones to feel tired at night.


Why is sleep so important?

If you’ve ever felt grumpy, confused or nauseous after a bad night’s sleep, you’ll realise the power that sleep holds for your wellbeing. Many studies have proved that a lack of sleep leads to lapses in judgement, delayed reactions and a lack of concentration. There is also plenty of research which suggests that those who suffer from sleep deprivation are also at a much higher risk of fatal disease such as heart disease and mental illness. In essence, sleep is one of the pillars of good health.


How to sleep better

There are a number of relatively simple practices that can teach you how to get more deep sleep, these include; 

  • Going to bed at the same time each night - regularity is key for training your body to sleep when you need it to.
  • Removing screens at least an hour before going to bed - blue light can upset your circadian rhythm, a process which tells your body that it is dark and you should sleep.  
  • Writing a to-do list - noting down tomorrow’s tasks can help to clear your mind before bed.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet - your brain and gut are connected by a system known as the gut-brain axis that rely on each other to function correctly. Learn more >



Our Nootropic Brain Health Supplement

Our Nootropic Brain Health Supplement contains nine natural substances, which can improve your cognitive performance. Our supplement helps to stimulate the levels of blood and oxygen to the brain, whilst also providing nutrition, that can improve your response to stress and anxiety, helping you to sleep better.

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