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How it works

What’s hair loss all about then? We know it can be hard to get a full picture of what’s going on, so we’ll tell it to you straight. Here’s the science behind why guys lose their hair, how our products work, and what you can expect from treatment.

The normal hair
growth cycle

Hair normally grows, falls out, and regrows in a cycle, which can be broken down into four main phases.

Male pattern
hair loss

Male pattern hair loss is a hereditary condition that affects two thirds of guys by age 35. Men who inherit this trait have a genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which slows and halts the normal hair growth cycle. DHT builds up around follicles, shrinking them over time and causing hair strands to thin, shorten, then eventually fall out – and not grow back,as they normally would.

The Norwood Scale

The degree and progression of male pattern hair loss is assessed using the Norwood classification system, which has seven stages. Identifying where you are at on this scale helps determine the correct treatment.

No hair loss


An adult hairline


A mature hairline

Mild hair loss


Light recession around the temples


Deeper recession around the temples and crown

Moderate hair loss


Deeper recession around the temples and crown


Significant recession around the temples and crown

Advanced hair loss


Advanced recession and bridging hair begins to thin


Full recession and loss of hair from the top of the head

What our
products do

Sons treatments work in two main ways. Finasteride blocks DHT, protecting follicles from shrinking and hair strands from thinning. Minoxidil increases blood flow, revitalising shrunken follicles. Our DHT blocking Shampoo enhances the effects of Finasteride, and our Biotin vitamin promotes hair health.

How to use
our products

Treating hair loss needn’t be a hassle.
All our products are designed to be easy
to use, as well as effective. Follow this
simple guide to get the best results.