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Everyone knows the familiar achy feeling after a big workout, but not many of us know that the secret to recovering from a workout is looking after your immune system. In fact, muscle recovery is driven by the immune system. So, how does this relationship work and what steps can you take to support it?

Listen to your gut and strengthen your heart

We all know that the heart is at the core of our health. What wasn’t known until recently, was the incredibly important role that your gut plays in keeping your heart healthy. The connection between your heart and gut is intrinsic to your wellbeing.

How are muscles affected by exercise

When the body undergoes intense exercise, (such as a full-body workout), your muscle fibres can experience minor damage. The extent of this damage depends on a number of factors, including the duration and intensity of the exercise, and the group of muscles that have been used. Whilst the results of this (i.e. soreness, lack of strength and flexibility) are familiar to all of us, the way that these fibres recover is less well-known.

How do muscles recover after exercise?

The immune system drives muscle recovery - this has long been acknowledged. However, recent research has begun to suggest why this might be the case. For a long time, inflammation was seen as a negative impact caused by over-exercise. However, there are now studies that indicate that it is in fact integral to muscle recovery. The proinflammation process is driven by your immune system - whilst this is normally a response to kill of infectious cells, it is now believed that this process is crucial to the release of immune cells that increase the efficiency of muscle repair and remodelling.

How to support your immune system and speed up muscle recovery 

  • Exercise - ironically, one of the key ways to support your immune system (and therefore your muscle recovery) is exercise. Many studies prove that regular exercise is associated with a reduced risk of infections.

  • A balanced diet - a good mixture of fruits and vegetables give your body the nutrition it needs to improve bodily function.

  • Drink water - as you can imagine, water is vital for helping your immunity thrive, helping to keep everything from your mood to your body in good shape.

  • Consistent sleep - a regular sleep routine of 8 hours a night is one of the best ways to keep your body primed for recovery.

Our Immune Health Supplement

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