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Answered: Six common questions people have about Sons treatments

Answered: Six common questions people have about Sons treatments
07 January 2020
1-minute read

Why was Sons started? 

Sons was started by two friends that wanted a better way to address the fact that losing their hair was a possibility. After some research, they discovered that available hair loss treatments were inconsistent, unrelatable and expensive. They wanted to change that.

Using their backgrounds in clinical research and business, Will and Adrian sat down over a pint and created the basic framework for Sons - a company built on honest and reliable information with affordable and effective treatment plans. 

What makes Sons different? 

We’re no fuss.

We don’t waste your time with complicated information, expensive appointments and unrelatable clinicians. We tailor an affordable treatment plan from an online consultation, then deliver it discreetly to your door each month. Simple.

How does our consultation work? 

Everyone’s consultation will be different depending on your answers, but there are up to seven stages:

  1. Select an image that best matches your hair loss
  2. Tell us when you first noticed your hair loss
  3. Have you been diagnosed with hair loss by a medical professional
  4. Identify if hair loss could be caused by another medicine or treatment
  5. Tell us if you’ve used Finasteride or Propecia before 
  6. Inform us of any allergies
  7. Give us an idea of your medical history/conditions

What’s in a treatment package? 

This depends on your treatment plan but our full works package contains Finasteride tablets, Biotin vitamins, a Minoxidil solution and a shampoo. There’s also a welcome card to introduce you to your Sons plans.

How do I use the treatment? 

Again, this will differ depending on your tailored treatment package but ultimately you will be using a mixture of shampoo and solution on your hair, and taking a mixture of vitamins and tablets each day.

Is Sons regulated by medical authorities?  

Yes. Our medical products have been licensed for sale in the UK and are regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.