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General FAQ's

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Are Sons products tested on animals?

At Sons we do not directly test any of our products on animals nor do our direct suppliers. However some of the ingredients within our products may have been tested on animals by other suppliers. This would not be for direct use in our products but for other companies.

Please also note that at one stage Finasteride will have been animal tested because unlike cosmetic products, which animal testing has long been banned in the UK, pharmaceutical drugs are tested on animals to ensure the safety of humans. Animal tests on human medicines are a legal requirement in almost every country in the world and no new prescription medicine can currently be developed without the use of animal testing. These laws come under the responsibilities of UK Department of Health and the European Union. However again, we would like to emphasize that these studies were not carried out by Sons directly.

Are Sons treatments backed by science?

At Sons, we only offer treatments that have been proven to be effective under clinical conditions. For hair loss the two main treatments offered, minoxidil and finasteride, have decades of use in a clinical setting. Our gut health supplement similarly has been in use for nearly 20 years, with extensive studies highlighting its wide range of health benefits.

Are your products suitable for female use?

Finasteride is not safe for female use. 5% Minoxidil is safe for females to use however cannot be sold to females as Sons are not permitted to do so under UK licensing.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, head over to our site and select ‘See treatment plans’ under the category you would like to purchase. From here you can select the plan and delivery frequency you would like. If you are purchasing a product that requires a prescription, you will first have to complete a quick online medical consultation. This will be assessed by one of our clinicians to ensure that you are suitable for treatment and it is safe for you to take.

You can then select your delivery option and complete the checkout process

What hair loss products do Sons offer?

Sons offer four products in total to treat hair loss, minoxidil, finasteride, shampoo and biotin. These are offered in a variety of different packs dependent on what you would like from your treatment, which can be viewed on the shop page.

Finasteride is a prescription medication which blocks DHT (the hormone responsible for hair loss) and can help to maintain the hair that you have and even re-grow lost hair.

Minoxidil (generic Regaine) is an over-the-counter treatment which increases blow flow and oxygen supply to hair follicles and can help to re-grow lost hair.

Biotin is a vitamin that helps to maintain healthy hair and nails, while our DHT Blocking Shampoo contains plenty of natural ingredients such as argan oil, that help keep you hair moisturised and healthy.

What is Sons?

Sons is an online, subscription based service that offers clinically proven treatments directly to your door.

When you make a purchase, a subscription is created that automatically renews based on the pack that you have purchased. For example, a 1 month subscription will automatically dispatch a month’s supply of product to you, every month. While a 3 month subscription will send you a 3 month supply of product in a larger box, every 3 months.

Which pack is best for me?

We have developed an online medical consultation to help determine which products and packs are best for you.

We would recommend completing the online consultation which will be reviewed by our Medical Team and the most appropriate pack will be recommended. Any further questions can be directed to the medical team at


How do I cancel my subscription?

You are not tied into a contract and can cancel your subscription at any time before your next order renews. Future order dates can be seen on the ‘Manage Account’ section of the site. It is also here where you can cancel your subscription. Alternatively, it is also possible to contact the customer care team at who will be able to process your cancellation for you.

I have too much product, what can I do?

If you find that you have too much product, you can skip orders on the ‘Manage Account’ section of our site. It is also possible to change the products you will be receiving in your upcoming order by removing them from your plan, and then adding them back in at a future date.

Customising order frequency to a time period can be implemented by the customer care team, simply drop an email to

I want to change my plan, what can I do?

If you would like to change the plan that you are on, or add/remove individual products, this can be done on the ‘Manage Account’ section of our site. If you have a specific order request that you cannot setup yourself on site or any other difficulties related to changing plan, reach out to the customer care team at and they will be able to help you with whatever your request is. Once you have taken a free online hair loss consultation, our medical team will be able to give you a good idea of what stage of hair loss you’re at and suggesting a tailored treatment plan that’s most suitable for you. Our goal is to provide you with the right information to help you make an informed decision on how to treat your hair loss. If you are unsure or uncomfortable about taking any medication, the answer may well be not to take it.

I want to pause my subscription, what can I do?

You can pause your subscription at any time before your next order renews and can be restarted at any stage on site. Alternatively, it is also possible to contact the customer care team at who will be able to pause your subscription for you.

Medical Care & Queries

I am experiencing side effects, who can I talk to?

If you are experiencing side effects of any kind, immediately contact or give us a call on 0203 835 2645, where a member of the medical team will be in contact with advice.

I don't think the products are working, what can I do?

Everyone responds differently to treatment and you may not be seeing the results you are expecting. Reach out to the medical team at and a member of the team will be in touch with information and recommendations.

I've just had a hair transplant, are your products safe to use?

All of our products are suitable for use post-transplant and can help support re-growth following your procedure. We recommend speaking to the clinician performing the transplant for further advice.

My partner and I are trying for a baby, is Finasteride safe for use?

If you are thinking of conceiving we recommend to come off finasteride for 3 months before and 3 months into conception. Although there is no direct evidence with Finasteride and birth defects, we recommend this simply out of an abundance of caution.

During this time you can use our Non-Prescription plan with contains Minoxidil, Shampoo and a Biotin supplement.


What is the length of a contract? Can I cancel?

Subscriptions are rolling monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Delivery & Returns

How much does delivery cost?

Free Delivery on all orders over £40, £2.99 for orders below £40.

We ship using Royal Mail's Standard 3-5 days delivery service for free. Royal Mail delivers Monday to Saturday.

We also offer a 48 hour tracked delivery service for £3.99

What is your returns process?

We understand that there may, on occasion, be times where you wish to return an order that you have received from us. We aim to make the returns process as easy as possible for our customers.

For Non-Medicinal Products, like our shampoo for example, these must be in the original packaging and unopened, in a condition fit for resale. If the product being returned does not meet these conditions, we will be unable to offer a refund.

For Medicines/Prescription products, unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund as these are pharmaceutical products and by law, they must be used or destroyed once dispatched from the pharmacy.