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Does Minoxidil Really Work for Hair Growth?

Does Minoxidil Really Work for Hair Growth?
12 December 2023
2-minute read

Topical Minoxidil is one of the first medications that might be issued to you if it’s determined that you’re experiencing hair loss. Thousands across the country attest to its effectiveness.

You might know that Minoxidil helps to halt hair loss, but does it work to grow hair?

Let’s look at the truth of the matter to find out what Minoxidil does and if there is a chance your hair could grow back because of it.

How does Minoxidil work?


Your hair follicles need a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins for strong and healthy strands to exist. Without this, you might start to notice that your hair becomes thinner and more dull. The main reason for hair loss, however, is a genetic disposition to it, defined as male pattern hair loss.

One of the reasons you could be losing hair is because of a lack of oxygen and blood flow to your scalp and the blood vessels on it. This means the environment your hair is trying to grow in is poor and less likely to produce the strands you want.

Minoxidil works by increasing the level of blood flow and the amount of oxygen that reaches the blood vessels on your scalp. This widens your hair follicles and puts them in a much better position to produce healthier-looking strands.

Studies have proven that this is an effective way to slow and hopefully stop hair loss, along with another medication called Finasteride.


Can Minoxidil really grow hair back?

The evidence behind this is lacking and inconclusive as of now. The claims made by men who say they are regrowing hair on their head is somewhat anecdotal.

Even though the chances of this happening aren’t big, in theory, there could be a chance but it’s difficult to ascertain that. A reason it’s not possible to state this for sure is that there might be other lifestyle factors that have caused your hair regrowth, like diet, exercise, other supplements, or less stress.

Your newly revitalised hair after regularly applying Minoxidil is likely to leave your hair looking better than it did before. If you are completely bald, however, regrowth isn’t possible.

The best approach to take if you want a healthy head of hair is making positive lifestyle changes, making sure you avoid bad habits like smoking or excessive alcohol, exercising regularly, eating and drinking well, and limiting your stress when you can. These will set a good foundation for your hair journey.

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