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Everything you need to know about our DHT blocking shampoo

Everything you need to know about our DHT blocking shampoo
12 July 2021
2-minute read

Are you noticing your hairline receding? The hormone DHT is likely to be the main culprit. With the potential for impressive hairline results, DHT blocking shampoo is therefore an essential part of our full works treatment plan. But what are DHT blocking shampoos and are they effective?

What is DHT?

A by-product of testosterone metabolism in the body, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen hormone. While DHT is a natural hormone produced by the body, a sensitivity to the hormone can have a detrimental effect on your head of hair by triggering male pattern hair loss. 

When flowing through your bloodstream, DHT will attach itself to the receptors in your hair follicles and cause them to shrink. This inevitably leads to brittle, unhealthy hair and eventually accelerated hair loss. 

How does DHT blocking shampoo work?

For a lot of men, consistently applying Sons DHT blocking shampoo has the potential to help improve hair quality and aid regrowth. Using a variety of vitamins and minerals, DHT blocker shampoo can reduce levels of DHT in the scalp and slow down the hair loss process. One of the key compounds we use in our shampoo is saw palmetto - an all-natural extract that is able to block DHT. 

In fact, a study in 2001 found that using saw palmetto regularly reduced DHT levels by a 

remarkable 32%. Alongside saw palmetto, other ingredients in our DHT blocking shampoo include argan oil, cedarwood oil and hibiscus. While the mainstays of treating male pattern hair loss are FInasteride and Minoxidil, supplements such as Biotin and our DHT-blocking shampoo can significantly improve hair quality and help in treating male pattern hair loss.

How long until I see results?

With hair loss treatment, the first signs of your receding hairline slowing down can be seen from about six months, with clear advances hopefully visible after a year. However, it’s important to remember that positive results don’t come overnight and are never guaranteed. Using DHT-blocking shampoo consistently alongside other compounds in your plan - such as biotin and finasteride - will give you the best chance of success.

How should I use DHT blocking shampoo?

Using our DHT blocking shampoo couldn’t be easier. Simply massage a good amount of shampoo gently onto your scalp as part of your daily shower routine. We recommend massaging for between 30-60 seconds, before leaving in your hair for another minute. Make sure to use comfortably warm water too - a shower that’s too hot can leave your scalp dry and damaged.

If you’re keen to treat your hair loss, our DHT blocking shampoo, combined with medications used to treat male pattern hair loss, could give you the best chance of success. Take a look through the rest of our treatments and find a plan that suits your hair.

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