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First Steps to take when you notice thinning hair

22 June 2023
2-minute read

When you first start to notice your hair thinning, it can be unsettling and hard to know what to do. It can take some time to come to terms with hair loss and to decide whether it’s something you want to treat, never mind navigating the myriad of treatments on offer. Here we will outline the best steps to take when you first notice thinning hair as well as what the right treatment might be for you.


To treat, or let nature take its course

It’s important to know that nobody has to treat their hair loss and that letting nature take its course is always an option when discussing hair loss. Many men happily take out the razor and don’t look back and this is a totally appropriate choice - really, nobody can decide this for you but you. However, if you think it might be something that you want to treat, it’s important to take action early to maintain the hair that you have before you lose too much of it. 



An option for your choice of hair loss treatment at Sons, Finasteride  is a prescription medication taken daily to treat hair loss. Typically a 1mg oral tablet taken once daily more recently as part of our combination spray with Minoxidil (the latter is an off license preparation for those who prefer not to take an oral tablet or experience side effects from an oral tablet but still want to treat their hair loss). The benefit of using Finasteride is that it helps slow the progression of hair loss by blocking testosterone from turning into DHT, which is what damages hair follicles and causes a process called miniaturisation which is what leads to noticeable hair loss. A simple treatment to follow, Finasteride is best used when noticing the early signs of thinning hair and  over a period of 6 months can stabilise hair loss and contribute to regrowth. 



The other half of the most effective combination treatment alongside Finasteride, Minoxidil works in a different way but is also an effective treatment. Applied twice daily directly to the scalp, it is thought that Minoxidil improves blood flow to the scalp to support hair growth and improve hair quality. When taken with Finasteride, it is thought that it works synergistically to help deliver the benefit of Finasteride to where it is needed. . Another simple medication to use and apply, when combined with Finasteride, these are the most effective scientifically proven treatments for male pattern hair loss. 


DHT Blocking Shampoo & Biotin

Our DHT Blocking Shampoo & Biotin support hair quality and growth. Taken early, they may help prevent progression of very mild hair loss. Saw Palmetto is thought to reduce DHT levels to help slow hair loss, whereas Biotin supports the production of hair and improves the hair growth rate. Taken in conjunction with Minoxidil & Finasteride, they combine to improve both hair quality and quantity to achieve the best possible outcome for your hair. 



When first coming across thinner hair, the main thing is to not worry too much about it, as there are effective treatments out there, should you choose to treat your hair loss. . If you do choose to go on treatment,  it is important to act early to help ensure that you are able to keep the hair that you already have achieve the best possible outcome. For more information on hair loss and treatments available, please visit and take a consultation to start your hair loss treatment plan. 

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