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Four styles for men with less hair

Four styles for men with less hair
06 July 2020
2-minute read

It’s something that every man with less hair thinks about: what hairstyle is going to suit me best? First of all, it’s important to own your situation and try to be confident in your look. Following that, there are some styles that look better than others - here are our top four styles for men with less hair.

Messy fringe with short sides 

We understand that one of the bigger concerns for men with less hair is having their hairline visible - in this case, a messy fringe and short sides look is a solid choice. The longer length of the fringe is perfect for styling messy with a little bit of wax and then letting hang over the hairline. The shorter sides help to keep this look neat and modern.   

Sleek combover and razor fade 

The recession around your temples will actually work to your advantage with this look by creating a dramatic and modern shape. You’ll need to grow your fringe reasonably long before heading to the barbers, as this will then be trimmed and slicked over. The tight fade around the ears creates a clear distinction between the sides and top, making a two-layered look. This modern version goes to prove that the combover isn’t dead yet.

High and tight 

Most men would think that chopping hair off would make their thinning look more noticeable. However, if you go to a good barber, a high and tight looks sharp. This look features a skin fade around the ears, which ends at a number one where the head starts to curve. The top is cut very short, which makes for a hairstyle that looks deliberate and sculpted.

Number one all-over

For the braver men out there - the number one all-over is the hairstyle for you. Believe us when we say that making a bold move like this will make you feel much more confident. This style is actually a great one to have whilst undergoing our treatment plan as you’ll be able to track your progress much more clearly. Otherwise, you’re going to look like a man who is rocking a bold look - win-win.

We understand that choosing a hairstyle as a man with less hair can be a difficult task. The first thing that you must try is to own your situation and make active decisions - one of the ways to make that happen is to pick one our four hairstyles and get yourself booked in at the barbers as soon as you can.

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