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Groomed Gent: Five things to keep yourself well-groomed

Groomed Gent: Five things to keep yourself well-groomed
30 October 2020
2-minute read

Let’s be honest, looking sharp and feeling confident aren’t separate things - if your grooming game is up to scratch, it’s inevitable that you’ll feel a thousand times better. We all want to hit those heights and make sure we’re feeling as good as we look - so what are the best methods to use if you want to step up your grooming? Here’s five of our top grooming tips to get you started.

Find your fragrance

As much as we don’t like to admit it, first impressions are based heavily on two things: scent and appearance. Finding a signature scent that is unique to yourself is a great way to keep up a well-groomed appearance. Spend some time looking for the right fragrance and you’ll see the benefits immediately. Despite all this, make sure you don’t overdo it - an overwhelming aroma can sometimes do more harm than good.

Maintain your facial hair

This is an obvious one - if you’re not trimming your beard in the correct way, you’ll ruin all the effort you’ve put into becoming a groomed gent. Luckily for you, there’s a clear view of what needs to be done. Invest in a quality beard trimmer to keep those irritating neck hairs at bay or even give the barber a regular visit. Facial hair needs as much attention as the hair on your head.

Cleanse your skin before sleep

Who says grooming has to stop while you’re sleeping? The hours you spend in bed are often the best time to hydrate and nourish your skin because your body regenerates much quicker. There’s a massive range of night creams on the market which can elevate your skin to a glowing and youthful tone all while you’re asleep.

Use conditioner

During your bathing routine, shampooing less and conditioning more is hugely beneficial for your hair. Shampooing too much can take away all the natural oils in your hair, which is what makes your hair healthy. In contrast, conditioners will keep your hair in tip-top shape without taking away all those helpful oils.

Create a routine

We’ve all been there - starting a diet and giving up after a week, or signing on to the gym and feeling too tired to commit. If you’re going to up your grooming game, there’s no use throwing in the towel after a week. Keep up your routine and try forming useful habits you know you’ll stick to. The further you get into your grooming routine, the easier it will be to maintain. 

Staying well-groomed should be an essential part of any man’s daily routine. Remember - that little extra effort to maintain these beneficial habits can truly transform how you look and feel.

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