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Happy Hair: How to look after your barnet when you sleep

Happy Hair: How to look after your barnet when you sleep
31 October 2019
1-minute read
Getting forty winks is a crucial part of looking after ourselves. It helps us to recharge our energy levels and allows the body to repair itself. This is true with your hair too. Here’s our pointers for looking after your hair whilst you sleep.


Dry your hair before going to sleep

Washing your hair before you go to bed is a great option to avoid a bleary-eyed rush in the morning. However, your hair is more vulnerable to damage when it’s wet. This can be made much worse by rubbing your head as you toss and turn in the night. To avoid this, we recommend allowing your hair to air-dry for an hour or two before you hit the pillow.


Splash out on silk

Speaking of pillows: they’re more important for the health of your hair than you might think. Depending on their material, they can cause abrasion to your head as you naturally rub against them in the night. You should try investing in a silk pillowcase: the softness of the material is much gentler on your head and will reduce the chances of hair breakage.


Massage your head

The health of your hair all starts with the health of your scalp. Having a head massage before you go to bed is a great way of encouraging blood circulation which strengthens your hair. It’s also great for reducing stress and setting you up for a deep sleep: win-win. You can do this yourself or (very) kindly ask an obliging partner. 


Apply a hair treatment

Hair treatments work best when they’re applied overnight: it gives them the time for them to get to work and is most convenient for fitting around your schedule. We recommend applying our Minoxidil solution a couple hours before bed and allow it to dry before you go to bed. You’ll maximise on all the benefits whilst you sleep.

Remember: bedtime is just an additional opportunity to make deliberate and positive choices with your hair – so, take us up on our top pointers for looking after you barnet whilst you ZZZ.

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.