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How does Biotin help beard growth?

How does Biotin help beard growth?
15 December 2022
2-minute read

How does Biotin help beard growth? 

If you’re looking for ways of stimulating the growth of your facial hair, biotin is a supplement that you’ve probably come across. It is known to support the production of keratin, which is an essential protein in your hair, nails, and skin. Lots of men take biotin supplements as part of hair loss treatment plans, but what impact can it have on the growth of facial hair? Let’s find out. 

What is biotin?  

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin plays a crucial role in your body’s ability to metabolise proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Your intestines naturally produce a small amount of biotin, but you need to consume the vast majority of your recommended daily intake from the nutrients that you consume. 

Most people get sufficient levels of biotin in the foods that they eat, as the nutrient is prevalent in the likes of eggs, red meat, nuts, and seeds. Recently, biotin supplements have been proposed and utilised as a potential treatment for hair loss. But can it promote hair growth? 


Biotin and hair growth 

The reason why biotin has been proposed as a hair loss treatment is the role that it plays in the production of keratin, which is a key protein found in your hair, skin, and nails. People who are biotin deficient are more likely to suffer from adverse symptoms, including hair loss, brittle nails, and dry skin. Therefore, taking a biotin supplement can boost the levels of keratin in your hair, skin, and nails, which may have a positive impact on some people. 

However, it’s important to note that biotin hasn’t been scientifically proven to effectively treat hair loss. Instead, Finasteride and Minoxidil are the only medicines that have been clinically proven to treat male pattern hair loss. So, you shouldn’t rely on biotin supplementation alone to see the hair growth results that you desire. 

So, can biotin stimulate beard growth? 

Due to the relationship between keratin and the growth of hair follicles, many men wonder if biotin can stimulate beard growth. The truth is that studies are limited in regard to the effectiveness of biotin as a beard growth treatment, and most research so far has only been concerned with the result of biotin when used as a hair loss treatment on the scalp. 

What’s more, studies show that a biotin supplement is most likely to be effective for men who are biotin deficient, as opposed to anyone looking to stimulate beard growth. Still, biotin is often used as part of a healthy hair loss treatment plan, and it can positively influence hair growth when used in conjunction with other treatments. 

Try our beard booster 

While biotin can be effective for some men, our beard booster is the ideal way to up your beard game. The serum in our beard booster contains a 3% Minoxidil solution, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate growth in your hair follicles and create a thicker, fuller beard. It’s super easy to apply our beard booster to your facial hair, and most men see positive results within three months.

So, although biotin can potentially improve the levels of keratin in your hair, skin, and nails, our beard booster is a better option if you’re looking for positive results as far as the growth of your beard is concerned.

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