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How to regain hair loss from stress

10 November 2022
2-minute read

How to regain hair loss from stress

Stress is an affliction that everyone has to deal with. But if you’re not careful, your stress levels can affect all aspects of your life, from your work life to the health of the hair on your head. Here, we explain what you need to know about stress and hair loss and explain what to do in order to regain hair loss from stress. Let’s begin by looking at the hair loss conditions that can are influenced by stress. 

Can stress cause your hair to fall out? 

Yes, stressful situations in life can cause your hair to fall out. Specifically, there are three hair loss conditions linked to stress

  • Telogen effluvium - Excess stress pushes your hair follicles into the resting phase of the growth cycle, which can cause more hairs than usual to fall from your scalp. 
  • Trichotillomania - The irresistible urge to pull hair from your scalp as a way of dealing with stressful situations. 
  • Alopecia areata - The body’s immune system begins attacking your hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to regain hair that has been lost because of stressful situations.

Consult a doctor 

If you believe that your hair loss condition is caused by stress, your first port of call should be your GP. You should explain your symptoms and what you think might be causing your stress, and your doctor will be able to put together a treatment plan that works for you.

Manage your stress levels 

It might sound like an obvious thing to mention, but one of your first steps should be to manage your stress levels. While we all experience stressful situations from time to time, it’s so important not to let stress overwhelm you from day to day. Not only is it bad for your hair, but stress can lead to a whole host of negative health impacts, from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety to putting unnecessary pressure on your heart. If something is stressing you excessively, look for ways to remove it from your life. Also, consider mindfulness meditation, which is an effective way to bring your stress levels under control. 

Improve your lifestyle 

Your diet and exercise routine are interlinked with the amount of stress that you experience. Reducing the number of processed foods that you eat and replacing them with nutrient-rich, wholesome fruits, vegetables, and legumes can help you manage your stress. What’s more, several studies have shown that exercise can be an excellent way to reduce stress, so be sure to incorporate daily, moderate exercise into your daily routine. 

Consider supplementation 

Once you’ve got your stress levels back under control, you might consider certain supplements to help your hair thrive once again. For instance, taking a Biotin supplement can boost the amount of keratin in your body, which may enhance the strength and thickness of the hair on your scalp. Your GP will be able to explain the different supplements that could help you regrow a healthy, thriving head of hair, so it’s worth asking the question during your consultation. 

At Sons, we help men treat male pattern hair loss, which is a genetic condition that affects millions of people in the UK. You can browse through our product range today or begin a consultation with one of our medical team if you have any questions about which hair loss products can help you manage your condition.

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