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How to spot a balding crown and deal with it

How to spot a balding crown and deal with it
30 June 2021
3-minute read

There’s no doubt that a thinning crown is one of the most common signs of male hair loss. Unlike the early stages of a receding hairline or temple thinning, hair loss on the crown can be very distinctive and difficult to hide. Thankfully, there are a few ways to spot those early warning signs, as well as ways of dealing with them.

What are the early signs of a balding crown?

While ‘how to spot a balding crown?’ may seem like a silly question, never underestimate the ability of male pattern baldness to sneak up on you. It’s crucial to spot those warning signs before your crown starts to shed hair. You may not notice thinning or recession anywhere else on your head early on, so keeping an eye on the crown is a must if you want a head start on your hair loss. 

Thinning is a clear indicator that your crown is starting to shed hair, with a general reduction of hair density on the crown easily spreading to the rest of your head. This may be a subtle change at first, so keep an eye out for brittle or wiry hairs across the crown, which can be noticeable before a widening of the amount of scalp visible at the crown. While it is not necessarily associated with hair loss on the crown, a receding hairline is also a general indicator that male pattern baldness is occurring and will affect your crown in the long run.

How do I stop a balding crown?


  • Keep calm

Dealing with the mental aspects of hair loss is difficult for every man, but it’s important to put things in perspective - hair loss isn’t the end of the world. However, it may be important to you, that you keep track of it. Regular bathroom check-ups on the back of your head are a great way to keep an eye out for those early warning signs. We recommend taking pictures and comparing the differences every few months, making sure they're well lit and from the same angle.  If you’re noticing any changes, it’s time to get in touch with professionals.


  • Find a new style


While you may not be able to rock the haircut you had before your crown started shedding hair, it’s still important to feel happy with the way you look. Whether you go for a combover or a buzz cut, find a new balding crown hairstyle that you feel comfortable with. Never been keen on styling products? Now’s the time to experiment. Shifting the emotional weight of hair loss by finding a new hairstyle will only help you going forward.


  • Start hair loss treatment

Trust us - a stiff upper lip isn’t the answer to your hair loss. Sons’ treatment plans are available for mild to moderate stages on the Norwood Scale and feature a variety of medically backed up compounds. These include Finasteride, Minoxidil, Biotin and DHT-blocking shampoo. Each of these supplements works symbiotically to help stop the regression of your hair and could put a stop to your thinning crown. Don’t just take out word for it - a recent study showed that 87% of men who took finasteride daily saw their hair regrow. 

Spotting a shedding crown can be distressing at first, but there’s no need to panic - the majority of men across the UK will experience male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. Our hair loss treatments could help you stop your thinning crown, so make sure to get in touch for a quick consultation today if you want to keep the hair you have.

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