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Is Biotin good for facial hair growth? 

Is Biotin good for facial hair growth? 
29 July 2022
2-minute read

Although biotin isn’t a clinically proven treatment for hair loss, it is widely used as part of various hair loss treatments as it can stimulate regrowth. Even so, many men ask, can you use biotin for facial hair growth? Let’s find out. 

Introducing biotin 

Biotin is commonly known as vitamin B7, and it plays a crucial role in the metabolism of proteins. Your body is capable of producing small amounts of biotin naturally, but you are unable to synthesise sufficient amounts of iit, meaning you need to consume it as part of your diet each day. Biotin produces a protein called keratin, which is found in your skin, hair, and nails. People who are biotin deficient may see symptoms including brittle nails, sensitive skin, and perhaps even hair loss. 

Biotin and hair loss 

Due to the relationship between biotin and keratin, scientists have conducted multiple studies into whether or not biotin can be used to treat hair loss in men. Presently, evidence suggests that biotin can improve hair thickness in people who suffer from certain conditions, including alopecia. 

However, when used by people with no underlying condition, there’s little evidence to suggest that biotin can improve hair growth unless you started taking it when you were deficient. The only treatments that are clinically proven to treat hair loss are Finasteride and Minoxidil, but biotin is often used as a supplement to such treatments, thanks to its relationship with keratin. 

Biotin and facial hair 

While studies have focused on the potential of biotin as a hair loss treatment, there is little scientific evidence to suggest that biotin can boost the growth of your facial hair. However, biotin can be absorbed through the skin, which means that it certainly has the potential to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles in your beard. Our biotin supplement is popular with men with mild hair loss who are experiencing the early signs of a receding hairline. Given that biotin can stimulate the growth of keratin, which contributes to the improvement of your nails, skin, and hair, it can potentially lead to improved facial hair growth as a result, but it’s best used in conjunction with other treatments. 

Try our beard booster today 

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