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MOP: Five maintenance tips to keep your hair in top condition

MOP: Five maintenance tips to keep your hair in top condition
02 March 2020
2-minute read

Every man wants to feel good about the way their hair looks - this all starts with the way we look after it. Here are five maintenance tips to keep your hair in top condition. 

Invest in a good shampoo

You really need to start paying attention to what you’re putting in your hair. The product you wash your hair with is crucial to healthy, great-looking locks. You need to avoid shampoo with harsh sulfates and opt for one with plenty of natural oils and ingredients which promote hair growth instead. (We don’t mean to brag but our shampoo is a great example - it’s packed full of good stuff that’s backed by science).

Take lukewarm showers

Piping hot showers might feel nice but they’re actually doing your hair and skin no good. When your shower is too hot, it strips you of all the natural oils in your hair and scalp - leading to dry and damaged hair. On the other hand, cold showers restrict blood flow around your hair roots, blocking them from getting important nutrients. The solution? Take lukewarm showers.

Delay drying your hair 

If the first thing you do when you step out of the shower gives your hair a good scrub with a towel, you need to stop. Your hair is vulnerable to damage when it’s wet and giving it a vigorous scrub with a towel won’t do it any favours. Instead, you need to gently pat out any excess water and let it air-dry.  

Go easy on styling products 

There’s nothing wrong with putting a bit of product in your hair to get your desired look, but you need to go easy with it. Putting too much styling product in your hair can cause damage, especially when it’s full of harsh chemicals. We opt for the ‘less is more strategy’ and recommend using a natural-based product that’s gentler on your hair. 

Eat right 

One of the most underestimated ways to look after your hair is to eat healthily. Like the rest of your body, your hair needs the right balance of vitamins, proteins and minerals to stay in good condition. Iron-rich and protein-rich foods like fish, beans, green vegetables and lentils are especially good as they promote hair growth. 

If you want your hair to look happy and healthy, you need to look after it properly. Establishing a good hair care routine is the first step to making this happen. Follow our five maintenance tips and you’ll be on your way to great hair in no time.

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