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Top Grade: Shaving your head in five steps

Top Grade: Shaving your head in five steps
18 December 2019
2-minute read

Shaving your head is a bold move. It can also be the first step to taking back control of your hair. Owning a bald look can prove to be a great option for your style (and your wallet)! Here’s our guide on shaving your head like a pro.


Prep work


Before you even reach for the razor, you need to make sure that your hair is in a workable condition to shave. Firstly, you may need to take a quick trip to your trusted barbers to make sure that your hair is at a workable length. 


Next, you need to take a shower - the heat from the water makes your hair bristles soft and easier to work with. Lastly, you should run your hand over your head to make sure you know if there’s any bumps or moles you need to be careful to avoid with the razor.


Applying shaving gel


Applying shaving gel makes sure that you get a smooth shaving action by further softening your hair and allowing the razor blade to glide smoothly over the skin. It’s best to use a gel designed for sensitive skin as you safeguard your scalp against irritation - trust us, you really don’t want sore and unsightly razor burn! 


Get a close shave 


Make sure you make light strokes with an even amount of pressure over your whole head. You need to be comfortable with your stroke and pattern, so take some time to gain a sureness in your shaving action. Remember, shaving against the grain will also give you a closer shave. Being too quick or too rough with your shave could result in razor bumps - the last thing you want to feel or see on your head!


Shaving action


Shave along the contours to make sure you get a totally smooth finish. It also ensures an efficient shaving action - evenly removing hair from every area of your head. Rinsing your razor blades under water every few strokes and shake off is key. This removes any build-up of shaving gel and/or hair to make sure you get a smooth clean shave. Remember to reapply shaving gel a few times during the shave to prevent against irritation and rashes - nobody wants a spotty shaved head!




Once you’re happy with your new look, rinse your head with cool water to remove any hairs and then gently pat your head with a towel. Final step: apply some cooling moisturiser to keep your scalp soft, hydrated and smooth.  


Shaving your head is a great way to keep yourself looking (and feeling) comfortable and stylish. Many men whose hair has passed the point where medication-based treatments will work, use this as a cheap and effective solution. Well worth consideration in our opinion.

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