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How does Biotin Work?

Biotin increases the production of Keratin in the body, a protein that is important for maintenance of hair, nails, and skin. Biotin also targets and stimulates follicles found on your head so they can accept the vital nurtrients it needs for a better chance of hair growth.

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What is Biotin Good For?

Biotin helps maintain strong and healthy hair while also promoting hair growth by stimulating your hair follicles so that healthier strands can develop. Biotin can also slow hair loss and thinning issues, meaning you can take control of your problems before it becomes too late.

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Is Biotin Good For Hair?

Yes, the Biotin supplement can be good for your hair. Incorporating Biotin into your daily routine can help maintain healthy hair and counteract any of the first signs you see when hair loss is commencing.

Biotin stimulates hair follicles so that growth can occur as a result of being able to absorb all the important nutrients and vitamins required.

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Does Biotin Help Hair Growth?

For mild hair loss issues, ranging around 2 on the Norwood Scale, the Biotin supplement can help stimulate hair growth. For more severe hair loss issues, you might require another form of treatment.

So if you’ve only just noticed the signs of hair loss or thinning, Biotin may indeed help generate newer and healthier strands so your hair looks at its best. Remember that regular use is necessary so always stick to the plan your prescriber has designed.

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Will Biotin Thicken My Hair?

There is some evidence to suggest that Biotin can grow thicker strands as it promotes new hair growth. It’s agreed by some in the industry that because your hair grows back stronger after vitamin supplements, this means the vitamin helps with the thickness of your hair - others dispute this, however, and say the presence of other ingredients help more.

It’s much more likely, however, that you’ll see positive effects instead of negative ones when taking this supplement.

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Do Biotin Supplements Work?

Yes, Biotin supplements work to strengthen your hair and for other body parts too. Biotin is the B7 vitamin (also known as Vitamin H) which helps with many important bodily and dietary functions.

By giving Keratin a platform to flourish in your body, you can expect a better and more voluminous head of hair with regular consumption of Biotin. Ask our Sons consultants for any further information you need.


Consider taking Biotin for your mild hair loss issues and you could reap the benefits before your hair loss becomes baldness and there’s less you can do about it.

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Is Biotin Safe in 30 Seconds?

When taken as directed, Biotin is perfectly safe. Vitamin B7, as Biotin is known (sometimes Vitamin H), is not harmful as it presents many benefits to your body and its vital organs.

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Can you take too much Biotin?

While technically this might be possible, it’s extremely unlikely you’re going to take an amount considered dangerous. We all need some Vitamin B in our systems and it’s likely that you'll expel any excess Vitamin B when you urinate.

It’s better to just stick to the amount that you’ve been recommended by your prescriber so that you are very unlikely to experience any unwanted side effects.

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Is Biotin safe for kids?

Thanks to Biotin being water-soluble, meaning it starts to dissolves on contact with liquid, it is considered safe for children to take. However, the Sons range of products are designed for adults so this must be considered. Also, the dosage strength for an adult and a child can vary.

Listen to what your prescriber tells you. If they state that you’re told young during the consultation, you’ll have to wait until you’re old enough to begin treatment. Hair loss issues are far less likely to be an issue for children, anyway. Speak to your GP if your child is facing problems with their hair.

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Does Biotin cause weight gain?

There is little to suggest that Biotin will cause you to lose weight. While some people state that it has an influence on metabolism, it is very unlikely to make you gain any weight from just consumption of the vitamin supplement alone.

Some side effects are rare and can’t be completely ruled out, however. You’ll have complete access to our aftercare team during your treatment’s duration.

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Can Biotin cause Acne?

There have been very rare cases of skin reacting to vitamin supplements in the past. However, there is little proof that Biotin causes Acne so the likelihood of this happening is negligible. If you do happen to encounter this problem, call your doctor for immediate assistance and temporarily stop taking the Sons treatment as this might indicate an allergy.

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Can Biotin Cause Dandruff?

There seems to be conflicting reports on whether dandruff is a side effect of taking biotin. Some claim that Biotin occurs because of a lack of B Vitamins, meaning you should take more Biotin, while others state that the vitamin can cause dandruff in rare cases.

It’s unlikely that this will be a problem for you so you shouldn’t worry about it. If it does occur, speak to our aftercare team for assessment.


Biotin is a perfectly safe vitamin supplement to take assuming you use it as directed. For any further information on the vitamin, contact a Sons member of staff today.

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How much Biotin to take per day?

The amount of Biotin you should take per day depends on numerous factors, like your age and the condition of your hair right now. Your Sons consultant can help you discover the level of Biotin that would be best for you so you can

We wouldn’t suggest exceeding the dosage recommended to you. You’re unlikely to face any significant side effects as a result of the a little too much Biotin but you should still only consume what you’re advised.

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What does Biotin do?

The vitamin promotes healthier hair while strengthening it. It does this by boosting the existence of Keratin in the human body, a protein that is essential for thick and healthy hair, among other things. Keratin has been proven to help your hair follicles receive the important nutrients and vitamins that contribute towards hair growth so that you can have thicker and better-looking hair.

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What is Biotin used for?

Biotin is typically reserved for people experiencing mild hair loss issues. If you’re scoring a 2 on the Norwood scale, this might be just what you’re looking for. This can be signified by thinning at the crown or a receding hairline.

Biotin is a supplement so it shouldn’t be treated as a replacement for any other form of treatment you’ve been recommended. Take it alongside whatever else your prescriber suggests.

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What are the benefits of Biotin?

You will maintain a healthy-looking head of hair if your hair is already in great condition. If you’re seeing issues related to hair loss, taking the Biotin supplement can help promote a healthier look and stronger hair generally.

Because it’s a B Vitamin, Biotin also has links to increased energy levels, better skin and finger nails.

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How long does it take for Biotin to work?

You might not notice significant effects until around the 6-month mark. As much as we would like to see the changes occur overnight, you need to stick with the treatment timeline advised to you for the best results. This is when your hair will begin to look healthier and feel thicker. The full effects of the vitamin should be on show between 9 and 12 months.


Biotin is an effective maintenance tool for your hair strength but it’s also good for those experiencing the very first signs of hair loss. Speak to a Sons expert today to see how the vitamin can help you.

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