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4 things men should do every day to slow a receding hairline

4 things men should do every day to slow a receding hairline
24 March 2021
3-minute read

Most men have experienced the breath-taking worry that their hairline might be receding. Those first few signs can pop up as early as the late teens and recent statistics have shown that 50% of men over the age of 50 are struggling with male pattern hair loss. No matter what stage you’re at in life, it’s never too late to make some changes. We’ve got together four things men can do on a daily basis to help stop a receding hairline.

Be soft with your scalp

Scratching your head trying to figure out the cause of your receding hairline? Constant rubbing, brushing and scratching can have an adverse effect on the state of your hair. Whether it’s yourself or your partner, we’d recommend running a warm shower and massaging your scalp with our DHT-blocking shampoo. After consistent daily use, our shampoo can help to improve the quality and quantity of your hair, as the shampoo will start blocking the hormone DHT, which damages your hair follicles and contributes to a receding hairline. Massaging also increases the blood flow to your follicles, leading to a much healthier head of hair.

If you’re always tying your hair up in ponytails or man buns, it might be time to go a bit easier on your hair too. Consistent stress on your hair can cause significant damage to your hair follicles, especially when pulled far back. We’d suggest swapping your hairdo for a simpler one if you’re spotting the obvious signs of a receding hairline. 

Reduce your stress levels

Many men don’t realise that their mental state can have a serious impact on their hairline. If you’re regularly feeling stressed, worried or anxious, your hairline will inevitably suffer. Bringing those stress levels down a few notches will do wonders for your hair and general wellbeing.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, take a mental health day off work. The best way to spend these extra days off is by exercising, relaxing and reading. Resetting your mind with a digital detox will also help you put things in perspective. Whatever helps you unwind, lower stress levels will lead to happier and healthier hair.

Healthy diet, healthy head

You don’t need us to tell you that a daily big mac and fries is bad for you, but did you know that it could affect your hairline too? If you’re not supplying your body with the right vitamins and minerals to keep your hair follicles healthy, poor hair condition is inevitable. When you spot the first signs of unhealthy hair, the biggest change you should prioritise is a change of diet. 

First things first, cut all those frozen and processed foods out of your diet and fill your fridge with delicious fruits and vegetables. Make the change simple and exciting by checking out some new online recipes you can rustle up in less than half an hour. A daily dose of Biotin can give your hair a better chance of survival too. 

Use Sons treatments every day

While there are changes to your lifestyle that can improve your hairline, scientifically proven treatments will always be the best way to treat hair loss. Our receding hairline treatment plans use four key products to recover your head of hair. 

The full works treatment plan includes finasteride, minoxidil, biotin and DHT-blocking shampoo. When incorporated into your daily routine for a year, these products could transform your hairline. Don’t just take our word for it - our testimonials page sums up why we think every man should use Sons to help their hair flourish. As long as you’re committed, patient and dedicated, daily intake of these products could supply you with a revived hairline.

While treatments can give your hair the energy it needs to revitalise, there’s no harm in helping out. Alongside your Sons treatment, make sure to treat your scalp softly, improve your diet and reduce your stress levels to give yourself the best chance of stopping that receding hairline.

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.