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Five regrettable hairdos

Five regrettable hairdos
17 November 2019
1-minute read

We’ve all had questionable hairdos at one point or another - even you. At the end of the day, it’s important to make mistakes and learn from them. So, we are taking a trip down memory lane with our top five hairdos that belong firmly in the past.


The Faux Hawk


Made popular by the style icon of the footballing world, not even David Beckham could make the faux hawk look good. This hairdo wasn’t sure if it was a quiff or a mohawk and opted for the awkward middle ground. That didn’t stop every kid from rocking a faux hawk on the weekends. It’s been a long time since the mid-2000s and we’re glad because thankfully that’s where the faux hawk stayed.


Frosted Tips


Dying the tips of your hair blonde, coating them in gel and spiking them in several alarming directions was the three-part-plan behind this awful hairdo. The 90s was known for many things - frosted tips is more regrettable than most of them.


The Merm (Man Perm)


This hairdo was made fashionable by every city slicker and club night goer in the 1970s and enjoyed a revival in the early 2000s through the boyband wonder, Justin Timberlake. We thought that two waves of popularity were enough for this noodle-esque look but in more recent years the merm has started to make a comeback - it looks like the newest wave of lads is on course to learn the hard way.


Flock of Seagulls


This hairdo was definitely a style-blip. The best way we can think of describing it is two horns of hair with a floppy fringe in between. Whilst the description isn’t great, the hairdo itself was even worse - clearly nobody’s told Donald Trump yet.


The Rat Tail


We think the name says it all.

We’ve all rocked bad hairdos at one point or another: some of us have even opted for a few of the ones featured on this list. Don’t worry though: we firmly believe in leaving mistakes should in the past, which is exactly where these hairstyles belong too.

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