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Five ways to feel like ‘the’ man

30 September 2019
2-minute read

Let’s face it, feeling like ‘the’ man is what we’re all aiming for. We want to feel confident in ourselves and for other people to recognise it. This comes down to feeling equally good on the outside and the inside. Here are our five ways to make that happen.


Exercise wisely 


Exercising is one of the keys to feeling good about yourself but don’t substitute a gym membership for a personality. It’s important to know when and how you want to exercise. Sometimes that could be a weight-lifting session down the gym, other times it could be going for a walk. You need to exercise in ways that fit around your life and other interests.    


Get plenty of sleep


The way we feel is intrinsically linked to our sleeping patterns. It’s just how humans work. Feeling prepared in the morning can set you in a good mood for the whole day. Making sure you get your forty winks is absolutely essential to feeling on top of your game, so set yourself a regular evening routine and try to stick to it.


Go hobby hunting 


It’s important for every man to have a hobby. Learning a skill outside of the workplace gives you a more rounded confidence in yourself. Whether you’re doing them to meet new people or you need something new in your life, hobbies are a great way of building confidence and basically being more interesting.  


Go zen  


Confidence comes from having a good idea of who you are. A great way of gaining this understanding is through meditation. Taking as little as five minutes out of the day to allow your inner thoughts the time and space to be heard gives you a sense of inner balance. We weren’t sure about it at first but it’s actually a game-changer. 


Invest time for grooming 


You can’t expect anyone to think you’re attractive if you don’t take the time to look attractive. Your grooming routine is a vital part of being a modern man. More than looking attractive (which is, of course, a big part of it) you’re proving to everyone else that you care about yourself and that maybe they should too. Here are some basics to get started.  

Feeling attractive won’t happen overnight. It’s something that takes time and effort. However, once you’ve got yourself into a routine of confidence-boosting techniques it will become second nature. Feeling like ‘the’ man starts with you, so why not start today?

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