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Ten ways looking after your health makes your hair happier

Ten ways looking after your health makes your hair happier
29 August 2019
3-minute read

It’s simple: practising healthy lifestyle habits can leave you with a fuller head of hair for longer. Here are ten things you could do.


1. Pack in the protein 

Your hair is made of protein. So, getting enough of it in your diet will help your hair to regrow. Eating protein-rich foods like chicken, lean beef and tuna is a vital part of maintaining a healthy diet. Going plant-based? Foods like lentils, hemp seeds and soy-based products are great go-to options for a green protein boost.


2. Go natural

This can’t be stressed enough. We know it can be tempting to cover up with excessive product/styling, but this really isn’t the best idea. Try to go natural as much as possible, and if you have to use hair products keep them as light as possible – also: try to go for an organic range.


3. Be gentle

Going easy on your hair means more than simply cutting down on the hair products. Try to avoid scalding hot showers where possible, try not to overuse hairdryers, brush your hair as little as possible and make sure you leave the hat at home. All of these things will reduce the physical strain on your hair.


4. Relaxation 

Stress is bad for your health. It’s bad for your hair. It’s just bad. Taking the time to relax and destress is a great way of keeping your hair in top nick. Whether that means meditating, walking, yoga, having sex or gardening – relaxing has to become part of your normal routine.


5. ZZZ

Sleep is important for much more than just your looks. Your body fixes and repairs itself while you sleep. It’s no different with your hair follicles. Getting regular sleep – between seven and nine hours – helps your body to perform this restorative work. 


6. Healthy snacking

It’s easy to turn to the unhealthy options but snacking is a great opportunity to top on those all-important minerals, vitamins and proteins. Eating nuts is a great way to get Vitamin E and iron. Eating fruit like avocados, raspberries and bananas is a great way to top up on Vitamin B3. All are great ways to aid hair growth.


7. Vitamins and supplements

If you want to be sure you’re hitting your daily values, investing in multivitamins and supplements is a good way to go. There are various types out there which are specifically designed to cover all your bases. A balance of vitamins and essential minerals is always a winning combination.


8. Head massages 

You might be surprised to know that a trip to a spa can help to increase hair thickness and help you to keep your hair. The stimulation of blood flow makes your hair follicles happier (and it doesn’t feel half bad either). So, book in with a spa regularly or perhaps ask an obliging partner.


9. Trim little and often 

This is something that lots of men who are concerned about their hair avoid when it's something they should be promoting. Trimming a little bit of hair every three to six weeks gets rid of split ends and encourages hair growth. Less is more (in the long run).


10. Understand what makes your hair tick 

Educate yourself about the science behind healthy hair. Looking after your general health and following the 9 steps above can go a long way. However, some men may need something more, and at Sons we offer education, consultations and clinically proven products to treat hair loss. Take our free consultation and discover whether a tailored treatment plan works for you. 

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.