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Introducing Sons Beard Booster

Introducing Sons Beard Booster
25 November 2021
2-minute read

Introducing: Sons Beard Booster

Ever dreamed of growing a thick, bushy beard? You’re not alone - beards in the UK have become more and more popular during the last decade. With various styles and trends, it’s no surprise that plenty of men are getting in on the act. However, if you’re struggling to grow your beard to the length you want, our Sons Beard Booster could be just what you’re looking for. To get you up to speed, here’s a quick introduction to our brand new Beard Booster cream.

What is in our beard growth cream?

Sons Beard Booster contains a topical Minoxidil solution that helps to boost the growth of your beard. Minoxidil is a medication that has been clinically proven to help with thinner hair and encourage damaged hair follicles to recover and grow. The end result will be healthier hair strands that create a thick, fully grown beard you can be proud of. 

What does Sons Beard Booster do?

If you have bald patches or irregular hair growth around your face, you might be struggling to grow the full, thick beard you’ve been looking for. The Minoxidil in Sons Beard Booster can give you a helping hand to encourage hair growth in those areas that are having difficulties. Minoxidil does this by dilating blood vessels that provide blood rich in nutrients to hair follicles, giving them the encouragement they need to thrive again. On top of this, consistent use of Minoxidil also lengthens the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. The result? Thicker facial hair.

How to use Beard Growth Cream

Arriving at your door in a discreet monthly package, our beard growth cream couldn’t be easier to use. Simply apply the Beard Booster on your beard and rub the solution into your skin, focusing on the areas that are suffering from a lack of growth. Consistency is essential if you want to see the best results, so always ensure you get into a daily application routine in the morning or evening. 

How long do results take to appear?

While it takes a few months to see visible signs of beard growth, our Minoxidil cream gets to work immediately on your beard. For most men, Beard Booster will usually take around one to three months to see any concrete signs of improvement in your beard. Beyond the four-month mark, your beard should grow significantly as the thicker hairs take over patches. As with any medication, each person reacts differently/ However, with a consistent routine, the results could potentially lead to a denser, thicker beard. 

Interested in enhancing the length, thickness and health of your beard? With an easy application and clinically proven solution, our Sons Beard Booster could be the perfect choice for you. Remember - if you have any questions about our new Beard Booster, get in touch with us today and we’ll have happy to answer any queries. 

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