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Six signs of thinning hair men should look out for in their 20s

Six signs of thinning hair men should look out for in their 20s
23 December 2020
3-minute read

Most men will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. However, some will go through the process a lot earlier than others, which can be quite hard to take. It can be difficult for younger men to accept signs of thinning hair as hair loss is typically seen as a ‘middle age man problem’. We encourage all younger men to tackle their concerns about hair loss as early as possible as, if treated early, it’s possible to stop hair loss in its tracks. Here are six signs of thinning hair that men should look out for in their 20s.

Receding hairline

This is the first and most obvious sign of hair loss. You might notice that your hair has moved back around your temples, which may be starting to form a subtle M-shape across your hairline. It’s best to take a picture of your hairline every so often to try and spot the difference. Some people even notice early hair loss from pictures posted of themselves on social media. If you feel like you’ve experienced some recession, you can then check your hairline against the Norwood Scale and get a consultation with a hair loss specialist.

Your hair doesn’t style in the same way 

You don’t necessarily need to notice significant recession to be in the early stages of hair loss. It’s important to take into account the condition of your hair - if you recognise that your hair is thinner, wirier, more brittle and won’t hold it’s shape with styling products in the same way, this could be an equally distinct early sign of hair loss.    

Shedding hair 

Hair shedding is a normal part of the hair cycle (as you will probably know from the hair that can clog up your sink) but when you begin to recognise more  loose hairs than usual, there might be an issue. Keeping an eye on your pillows, combs, pillowcases and shower drains in this case might help you to spot thinning hair early. 

Your head feels sensitive

If you’ve noticed that your hair is sore after a hot shower, burnt after a day in the sun or dry from colder weather, this could be a subtle indicator that you’re experiencing some hair loss. The reduced amount of hair on your head could be leaving your scalp exposed and causing these sensations.  

Thicker hair below the crown

If you’re unsure if you’re actually experiencing hair loss around the crown and temples or just imagining it, ask yourself if your hair is thicker below these areas around the back and side of your head. More often than not, this hair remains relatively unaffected by balding and can act as an indicator for the rest of your hair.

Going through photos

It can be more difficult to notice your hair thinning in the mirror as it is normally a slow and gradual process. However, when you look through photos on your phone or on social media, the change can be more noticeable. We recommend that anyone who is concerned about hair loss (especially those with male pattern hair loss that runs in the family) should keep a photo diary to keep a track of the condition of your hairline. 

Knowing how to tell if your hair is thinning can be difficult for many men, and for young people that can only feed into the anxiety this can cause younger men concerned with potential hair loss. The key thing to remember is that the earlier you take action against hair loss, the more likely you are to be able to maintain, and possibly even regrow, your hair. 

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