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Sons Guide: How to shape up a beard

27 November 2022
2-minute read

Sons Guide: How to shape up a beard 

Growing facial hair is the easy part. Deciding how to shape your beard is when things get a little tricky. After all, there are so many styles on-trend, and your approach largely depends on how your facial hair naturally grows. So, to help you decide on the perfect shape for your beard, we introduce some tips that will help you cultivate facial hair that you can be proud of. 

Let it grow to begin with 

While it might sound a little counterintuitive, you need to let your beard grow out before you start trimming and shaping it. It will take a little while for you to master your style, but you can use a long beard as your starting point for experimentation. Although it’s tempting to dive in and remove stray hairs when your beard is at that awkward mid-length, make sure you leave it for as long as you can, as it’s much easier to shape a beard when you have enough facial hair to work with. 

Set your beard boundaries 

Every face is unique, and every man has his own beard goals. However, the best place to begin when shaping your beard is to set your boundaries. Whether you’re going for a skinny goatee or a thick and full beard, you need to set your boundaries and settle on the shape that you’re aiming for. Look online for a style that you want to replicate, and begin by trimming your beard accordingly. When you’ve got your basic shape and outline, you can start fine-tuning your beard. 

Decide on your cheek lines 

One of the keys to a smart beard is nailing your cheek lines. There are so many ways to style your cheek line, and it really just depends on the look you’re going for. However, one universal truth is that you need to keep things symmetrical. Lots of people get their lines wrong when trimming their cheek lines, which results in a beard that looks a little wonky. A useful tip is to consider where your facial hair naturally stops growing and use this as your guide for shaping things across your cheeks. 

Don’t neglect your neckline 

No matter the style you’re going for, you can’t neglect your neckline when you’re hoping to shape a beard you can be proud of. The goal is to draw a U shape from behind your ears and under your jawbone before it meets at a point just above your Adam’s apple. Once you’ve got the basic shape, you need to shave everything below and behind the U, as this forms your beard neckline and keeps everything in shape. 

Use the right products 

While many guys are happy to take a natural approach to growing and trimming their facial hair, others need a little help along the way. If you’re hoping to increase the thickness and fulness of your beard before shaping it, our beard booster is an excellent solution for you to try. 

The serum contains a 3% Minoxidil Solution that can stimulate the growth of the hair follicles on your face. It’s a really effective way of covering patches in your beard and achieving that thicker, fuller look that you’ve been hoping for. Once your beard is at the right length, you can then set about shaping it in any way that you choose. 

Most men start to see results after using our beard booster around the three-month mark, so get started today to achieve your unique beard growth goals. 

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