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Sons’ Guide to Oral Minoxidil side effects

27 February 2023
2-minute read

Oral Minoxidil is a proven way to halt hair loss and begin the process of regrowth. Yet, like any other medicines for various ailments, customers might query what potential side effects could occur during treatment. We will explain the rare side effects that could be encountered when taking Oral Minoxidil.

With any of the below side effects, it’s important to consult with a doctor should you have concerns.

Hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth)

In rare instances, hypertrichosis can occur. Typically, hypertrichosis is reversible so there shouldn’t be any lasting issues.

Changes to your heartbeat

Treatment that your body isn’t familiar with can sometimes cause your heartbeat to fluctuate from its usual pattern, sometimes giving palpitations. Oral minoxidil is an off-license treatment, although considered safe it is a second line of treatment to topical minoxidil, and you should seek medical assurance should you experience any palpitations.


We often get headaches when not on any treatment at all, but this is also a reported side effect when taking Oral Minoxidil. Headaches don’t often last long and are usually manageable. You will know your own body and what feels right. If headaches persist or worsen, seek medical advice.

Skin redness

Your body could potentially react to the treatment with red patches on your skin.

Oedema (fluid retention)

This is when the body absorbs and traps a lot of fluid, rather than losing it as you normally would. It’s something that has been noted as a potential side effect of Oral Minoxidil, albeit rare and it tends to happen at much higher doses than that being used to treat male pattern hair loss. The symptoms of such a side effect should be easy to notice, either visually or felt, meaning you can begin reversal sooner.

Weight gain

In some instances, you might notice your body weight increase drastically when beginning this treatment. Naturally, this might cause alarm but it’s usually something that can be reversed on stopping medication.


Similarly to oedema and weight gain, bloating is usually a noticeable symptom that could occur.

Other potential side effects

Some of the less frequent side effects of Oral Minoxidil include itchy skin rashes, breast tenderness (regardless of sex), numb extremities, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Other side effects may occur, as everybody is different, so speak to a health professional if you have concerns.

So, is Oral Minoxidil safe?

This form of treatment has been shown to be a safe and effective alternative to topical Minoxidil in those suffering from side effects from it or finding compliance difficult. Side effects are generally rare and reversible. That being said, it’s good to stay aware of these potential side effects for you to keep an eye out for, without worrying about them becoming a likely outcome.

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