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What are the benefits of Biotin?

What are the benefits of Biotin?
09 February 2022
1-minute read

An important part of our Full Works, Simplicity and Non-Prescription treatment plans, Biotin Supplements has the potential to enhance the health of your hair. In fact, biotin has been proven to improve the structure of keratin in the body (especially with those who have a natural deficiency), which is vital for healthy hair. With that in mind, what are the exact benefits of consuming Biotin Supplements every day?

Support for hair

Regular biotin supplementation has been shown to have a positive effect on the structure of your hair. This is because biotin is crucial for producing keratin - a fundamental protein that makes up your hair - helping to form and enhance the protein. Due to this process, there is a clear link between the biotin vitamin and the health of your hair. It goes deeper than this simple link too - studies have proven the link between biotin supplementation, improving hair volume, scalp coverage, and thickness. While biotin has not been proven to treat male pattern hair loss, supplementation can help to enhance the hair already on your head when used alongside our treatment plans and improve the quality and growth rate of your hair.

Potential for enhanced skin and nail health

For those with a biotin deficiency, brittle nails and skin rashes are frequent symptoms. On top of a healthier head of hair, regular biotin supplementation has been observed to enhance the quality of your skin and nails, especially for those with a deficiency. While more research needs to be conducted, some studies have indicated that children who consumed biotin supplements experienced an improvement in their biotin deficiency symptoms. If you’re experiencing poor quality skin and nails, our supplements could help you out. 

Whether you want to support your hair loss treatment or simply improve the health and structure of your hair, the biotin benefits could be perfect for you. Take a look through our treatment plans and start your consultation today.

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