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What the barbershop is really all about

What the barbershop is really all about
13 July 2020
2-minute read

As our hair gets longer and longer, we’re all starting to reminisce about the barbers. A place that we used to think of as convenient, now holds a near-mythical status that extends far beyond simply getting our hair cut. Here’s what the barbershop is really all about in our book.

Getting stuff off your chest

Walk into any barbershop and you’ll notice that everyone’s talking. For some reason, a lot of men seem to be a tad more comfortable talking to their barber about themselves than they would to other people. Having a stressful time at work? Tell your barber. Not sure whether to treat yourself to a new bike? Consult with your barber. It seems that lots of men look to their barber as a sounding board, which we think is a wonderful thing. 

Take pride in your appearance 

Apart from moments alone in front of the mirror, there is no other environment that allows you to truly enjoy your appearance more than the barbers. You can cast a steely blue look in the mirror and run your fingers through your hair and no one will bat an eyelid. If you want reassurance that your hair looks good or that you really would suit a buzz-cut, your barber is sure to back you up. 

Enjoy your masculinity 

There are very few places which are tailored to men, quite like the barbershop. It’s hard to put your finger on it but when you walk in to get your haircut, you know that you’re in a space where you can really enjoy your masculinity. Barbershops are by no means necessarily macho environments, but they are distinctly male and we think this is by no means a bad thing.

Feel connected with the world

If you don’t have to sit down in a queue at the barbers, you’re either extremely lucky or you own the place. Every man has to go there and wait it out - that’s life. Being in the barbershop makes us feel part of the world. You don’t have to speak to the man in the seat next to you to know that they’re there for the same reason you are. Being at the barbers makes you realise that we’re all a lot more similar than you think. All walks of life enjoy a new haircut after all.

A lot of us are craving a proper trim at the moment and not being able to go to the barbers has made a lot of men realise how important the barbershop really is. More than being a place to sharpen up our look, it can be a place to talk and feel part of a community. We’re not sure about you, but as soon as we know that the barbers are opening up again, we’ll be first in line for a decent trim - and all the rest that goes with it.

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