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Why should I choose hair loss medication?

Why should I choose hair loss medication?
03 May 2021
2-minute read

For years, talk around hair loss has been taboo, leaving men with no option but to keep a stiff upper lip and put up with the problem. However, with hair loss affecting 42% of men aged 18-49, and the development of affordable and effective treatments, we think it’s time that men reach out for help. Hair loss medication gives you the opportunity to take action against your hair loss. Here are a few reasons why we think men struggling with hair loss should consider choosing hair loss medication.

Simple & easy to use

Hair loss treatment doesn’t have to be complicated. From Finasteride and Biotin tablets to DHT-blocking shampoo and Minoxidil solution, our own treatment plans are specifically built to make taking your medications as easy as possible. As long as you keep up the daily dosage and stay consistent with your intake, you’ll give your hair the best possible chance of regrowing.

Backed by science

Misconceptions about different types of hair loss medication are always flying around the internet, so having confidence in your treatment is crucial. Sons itself is a registered pharmacy and has a dedicated medical team with heaps of professional experience. Whether it’s medical director Dr. Knut Moe or head of pharmacy Mohamed Hashi, having this much direct experience keeps our treatment plans up-to-date and fully backed by science. For example, Finasteride - a key medication in our plans - is a prescription that is licensed for sale in the UK and is regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Boost your confidence

It’s no secret that a receding hairline can seriously damage a man’s self-confidence. Hair loss medication can give you the chance to take back that self-esteem and give your mental health a big boost. Whether you’re looking for love or want to impress at work, feeling good about yourself will always have a positive impact. For men who have put up with their hair loss for years, now is the time to do something about it.

Long-term results

While Sons’ full hair loss treatment is effective in 9 out ot 10 men, there are some men who won’t experience much benefit. Studies have shown that after 2 years of consistent use of Finasteride, ‘66% of men were rated as having improved hair growth based on assessment of standardized clinical photographs’. As long as you keep up your daily dosage and stick to your treatment plan, you could see some brilliant changes. Check out our testimonials page to find some real stories behind men who’ve successfully regrown their hair through hair loss medication.

It’s important to remember that hair loss is totally normal and affects a huge number of men in the UK. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go for a hair loss treatment plan or simply rock the bald look with the help of a razor. If the first option is more appealing, complete an online consultation look and take back control of your hair loss today.

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.