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2 min read

Five foods to keep your hair in tip-top condition

A healthy diet can help to keep your hair in top nick. Whilst you can’t change you...
2 min read

How to nail your male grooming routine

As modern men, it’s important that we look after ourselves. Dedicating a bit of ti...
2 min read

Five ways to feel like ‘the’ man

Let’s face it, feeling like ‘the’ man is what we’re all aiming for. We want to fee...
1 min read

Bald and Bold: Five hairless heroes

When it comes to our hair, it’s all about owning it. Here are five hairless heroes...
2 min read

Five old fashioned things every modern man should know

We’re all undoubtedly thankful for the technology our generation has been blessed ...
2 min read

Head Hiders: The best and worst cover-ups

When the topic of keeping your hair comes into question, it can be easy to lose yo...
3 min read

Ten ways looking after your health makes your hair happier

It’s simple: practising healthy lifestyle habits can leave you with a fuller head...