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Can Minoxidil Truly Regrow Your Hair?

Can Minoxidil Truly Regrow Your Hair?
03 January 2024
2-minute read

You may have encountered the word ‘minoxidil’ when researching hair loss treatments. While the scientific jargon often associated with hair loss treatments can seem a little unsettling, the truth is that minoxidil is considered a safe, effective and straightforward solution to male pattern hair loss. In this blog, we clarify some of the questions surrounding minoxidil, such as how it works, how it should be applied and if it truly regrows hair. Keep reading to find out.


What is minoxidil?


Minoxidil is one of the critical treatments used to fight male pattern hair loss. Originally used as a treatment for high blood pressure, scientists developed a topical minoxidil solution in the 1980s which is now used to help treat hair loss in both men and women. Most people may be familiar with minoxidil thanks to specific brand names, such as Rogaine and Theroxidil. 


How does minoxidil work?

When used to treat male hair loss, minoxidil usually comes as a topical solution. It is also increasingly being taken in tablet form for those unable to use the topical form . The solution has been proven to be effective in treating male pattern hair loss though the exact mechanism isn’t exactly understood – it is thought to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the blood vessels supplying hair. Early research suggests that oral minoxidil is potentially as effective as topical minoxidil. If used consistently, minoxidil reactivates previously shrunken follicles and reinvigorates thinning hair. 

Finasteride, another treatment used for hair loss, is often used alongside minoxidil to help regrow hair. This specific treatment, often presented as a shampoo, is a proven DHT blocker and reduces hormone levels in the scalp. 


How do you apply minoxidil?

That depends on the form of minoxidil you take If you’re using our topical solution, we suggest applying 1 ml of the solution (around ten pumps) onto your scalp twice daily. Remember: it’s essential to ensure your scalp is dry before application in order to increase effectiveness. If you’re using oral minoxidil, you should take one tablet daily as part of your usual routine.

Using minoxidil couldn’t be simpler, but as with most treatments, the key is maintaining consistency. With this in mind, we suggest combining minoxidil with other daily routines or setting up regular reminders on your phone.


Does minoxidil regrow hair?

Yes. Minoxidil has been a clinically proven method for fighting hair loss for decades. In fact, recent studies have indicated that minoxidil is up to 60% effective in cultivating hair growth and stopping hair loss. Therefore, minoxidil treatments are officially licensed hair growth products, with dozens of clinical studies supporting their efficacy since the ‘90s.

You don’t just have to point to the science for proof of minoxidil’s effectiveness. There have been thousands of transformative results in men struggling with hair loss, revitalising damaged follicles and bringing hair back to life. Take a look through our testimonials page to find out for yourself.

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