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How to fix beard bald spots

09 February 2022
2-minute read

When you’re trying to grow a thick beard, random bald spots can be frustrating. There’s no need to panic though - plenty of men suffer from patchy beard growthand, while there is no cure, there are various ways to help improve it. To get your beard back on track, here are some top ways to help fix your beard bald spots.

Style your beard correctly

Styling your beard in the right way can be a big help if you’re becoming frustrated by bald patches. Whether using a beard comb or shaving in a certain way, styling your beard correctly will cover up those bald spots. For instance, sea salt spray could be the perfect product for helping your beard look thicker. Similarly to your hair getting wavier as you step out of the sea, your beard can appear more voluminous when you use sea salt spray. This is a great way to cover up the patchier areas of your beard and create a generally thicker looking beard. 

Use a Biotin supplement

Biotin (or vitamin B7) is an essential vitamin for the maintenance of thick, strong and healthy skin, hair and nails. The vitamin is so important that those with a deficiency often struggle with weak and badly structured hair. When you’re worried about the quality of your beard and covering up those bald spots, thick, healthy hairs are crucial. Our Biotin supplement, taken once a day, can help to promote this healthier hair and improve its general structure.

Use Sons Beard Booster Cream

While there are various ways to help enhance beard growth, Minoxidil is one of only two medications that has been clinically proven to promote hair growth and is used frequently along with an oral Finasteride tablet to combat male pattern hair loss. Increasingly, men are using Minoxidil to help thicken beard density. Containing 3% Minoxidil, our Beard Booster Cream has been specifically designed to be used on the beard area and can help to accelerate thicker hair growth in your beard bald patches. Minoxidil does this by dilating your blood vessels, which in turn provides your hair follicles with blood rich in essential nutrients and minerals. 

With this encouragement, beard hair follicles could start to thrive again. Not only does using Minoxidil result in a less patchy beard, but it could also increase its thickness and general quality. Remember though - consistency is essential if you want to achieve your desired results, with improvements usually first seen between one to three months. 

If you’re looking to help promote the growth of your beard, our cream is a perfect choice for you. Take a look through our information page today to learn more about how Sons Minoxidil Beard Booster Cream could help transform your beard within months.

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