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How to Grow a Beard 

How to Grow a Beard 
22 March 2022
2-minute read

How to Grow a Beard 

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about hacks and tricks you can use to help grow a beard, but it’s best to ignore the noise. At Sons, we help men up their beard game by following a simple and scientifically-proven treatment plan, regardless of their growth goals. So, to help you grow a killer beard, here are our top tips and suggestions. 

Think about your beard goals 

Your first step is to consider what type of beard you want. Are you happy with something a little longer than stubble? Or are you hoping for a thick, bushy beard that is perfectly manicured? The reality is that if you’ve never grown a beard before, you should aim for somewhere in between the two. You will also need to decide on your preferred beard style, be it a faded, Verdi, or Hollywoodian (aka the Leo) beard! Once you’ve settled on your desired length and style, it’s time to let it grow.

Let it grow 

Every man is different when it comes to facial hair growth. Some guys see good length after just a couple of days, while others have to wait weeks for a beard to form past a five o’clock shadow. Whatever you do, don’t shave it off when you’re starting to see results! Shaving your beard off does not make it grow faster - this is a myth. If you’re hoping to grow a bushy beard, the last thing you want to do is shave it all off when you’re starting to see some decent growth. 

Trim it as you go & keep things in shape 

While you shouldn’t shave your beard, it is a good idea to trim it as it grows to keep it in shape. Invest in some decent clippers and regularly shave the neckline as this will help your beard develop a nice shape. At the same time, clean up the cheek line and start tailoring your beard in the shape that you want it. If you notice any stray, straggly hairs, it’s a good idea to pull them as they will make your beard look disorganised. 

Wash your beard regularly 

Lots of men wash and shampoo the hair on their heads regularly, while forgetting about their facial hair. If you’re hoping to grow a bushy beard, you need to start treating your facial hair with slightly more TLC. Washing your beard regularly will help it grow and prevent the hair from drying out. You don’t necessarily need to invest in any special type of shampoo or conditioner for your beard, just remember to wash it at the same time as you wash the hair on top of your head. 

Pick up our beard booster 

If you’re hoping to fill some of the gaps in your beard and achieve fuller facial hair, our Beard Booster could be the perfect product for you. The serum contains a 3% Minoxidil solution, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate growth in your hair follicles, and can help you to create a fuller, thicker beard. Most men start seeing results around the three-month mark. If you combine our Beard Booster with the other tips we’ve introduced, you will have a much better chance of growing the beard that you’re after.

Now that you know how to grow a beard, check out our journal where you can find out more about our Beard Booster, as well as the science behind our products. 


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