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How to spot hair loss early

How to spot hair loss early
05 May 2021
2-minute read

As with all signs of aging, balding doesn’t crop up overnight. In truth, male pattern baldness can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. However, if you spot the signs early, you’ll give yourself a great chance to do something about it. Need some help? We’ve got together some ways to catch those early signs and put a stop to your balding.

Hairline changes

Signs of hair loss can vary significantly from man to man but the most common places to notice hair loss first are around the temples and hairline or on the crown. At the hairline you might notice some more scalp visible further behind the hairline or notice more bare skin where once there was hair. On the crown, signs of hair loss would be a wider crown with more scalp visible around the swirl of the crown.  If you’re worried that you might have a receding hairline, we would suggest taking a look at some old photographs. Take a comparative picture and put them side by side so you can have a proper look. If you can see a clear V-shape hairline receding from the temples that has developed from a flatter hairline, you’re most likely suffering from hair loss. 

While this method is the best way to double-check your hairline, it’s still important to be aware of things that could alter the photograph. Hair starts to look thinner in bright pictures - especially fluorescent light - making your hairline seem worse than it was. Before you start worrying, make sure you use photos with similar lighting to be extra sure about your head of hair.

Alternatively, taking a picture with identical lighting every few months will give you a more up to date idea on how your hairline is doing. Over time, any reduction in hair density will become apparent when compared with previous pictures. 

Hair falling out in the shower or brushing

Have you ever noticed hair falling out in the shower? It’s entirely normal for a few hairs to fall out while washing or brushing, with the average person losing between 50-100 hairs in a single day. However, if your hair loss is clearly starting to get excessive, you may be experiencing hair loss.

Don’t panic just yet - temporary hair loss can happen too. Whether you’re suffering from jet lag or an illness, hair loss of this sort doesn’t usually last. If there’s an obvious cause that you can point to, you may notice more hair falling out in the shower or even on your pillow. Even so, if your hair loss doesn’t disappear after a couple of weeks, it’s time to look for help.

How to stop it

So - what can you do about it? When it comes to dealing with their hair loss, most men keep a stiff upper lip and wish the problem away. Sons’ hair loss treatment plans accommodate all heads of hair on the Norwood Scale and feature scientifically backed medicines such as Finasteride and Minoxidil. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll see results, plenty of men have experienced transformations to their hairline and have grown back healthy heads of hair. In fact, a recent study showed that up to 87% of men who took Finasteride every day saw their hair regrow after 1 year of usage.

Ultimately, the sooner you spot these signs, the more hair you’ll end up saving. Get involved with our treatment plans today to give yourself the best chance of changing your hair’s fortunes.

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