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Introducing Sons LP299v®

28 April 2021
2-minute read

Sons’ LP299v® is a live bacterial supplement that could transform your wellbeing. It is one of the most well-studied live bacterial supplements in the world, with over 50 clinical studies in thousands of human participants.

How does it work

Sons’ probiotic bacteria is designed to reach the gut in one piece. Once it arrives, it binds closely to the cells in the lining of the gut using a connection called the mannose receptor. This specific binding allows Sons’ LP299v® to communicate with your git cells more easily. This leads to more production of mucus in the gut which helps to strengthens the gut wall, which may also prevent the gut against attack from harmful bacteria.

Does it really work?

A number of studies in humans have found that Sons LP299v® improves gut health symptoms, in both men and women and in various different countries. In one large study, 214 people with IBS were blindly randomized to receive either Sons LP299v® or a placebo for 4 weeks. At the end of 4 weeks, those taking LP299v® had >50% reduced frequency and 45% reduced severity of abdominal pain and bloating. In another smaller study, Sons LP299v® improved gut health symptoms in healthy people without IBS. Many other studies have found similar results.

Other health benefits

Other studies of Sons LP299v® have reported a number of other health benefits. A number of these found that Sons LP299v® can significantly increase the absorption of iron, which is an important nutrient, especially in women. Another study of Sons LP299v® showed that it could reduce blood pressure and inflammation in people who smoked suggesting that it may have benefits for heart health. Studies of Sons LP299v® have also found that it may impact brain health. In a study of students who were about to take an exam, Sons LP299v® reduced the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol.

How to take Sons LP299v®

In order to get the best benefits of Sons LP299v®, it is important to know how best to use it:

  • How much? Bacteria are typically measured in colony forming units (CFU). The recommended dose of Sons LP299v® is 1010 (10 billion) CFU per day. This dose has shown to have the optimal health benefits in clinical studies.

  • How long? Clinical studies show that Sons LP299v® improves symptoms of IBS after 4 weeks of daily intake.

  • On its own? Live bacterial supplements are just one method for improving gut health. Alongside 4 weeks of Sons LP299v®, the Sons team recommend trying other methods to enhance gut health, such as diet and lifestyle.

  • Still got gut problems? If you find that Sons LP299v® is not working for you, the Sons team recommend a consultation with a registered dietitian, who can consult you on your personal diet to tailor solutions for you. For more serious gut or medical issues, the Sons team recommend consulting with your GP or other healthcare provider.

  • Men that are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS, including bloating, unwanted gas and gut discomfort could have incredible benefits from Sons gut health supplement. If you’re simply looking to keep your gut in good health, this could also be a great option for you.

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