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Hair Growth Complex


Introducing our Hair Growth Complex; combining 9 clinically effective natural ingredients, including Anagain, Marine Collagen, and Biotin, to address hair thinning, enhance growth rate, and improve overall hair quality.

Who's it for?

Taken on its own or as part of one of our hair loss treatment plans, Sons’ Hair Growth Complex contains nine ingredients which can strengthen your hair and enhance its vitality and growth rate.


Hair Health


6–12 months

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Results can be seen within six months with the best results following 12 months of continuous treatment.

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Ultimate Plan

  • Encourages growth
  • Increases density
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Thickens hair
Ultimate Plan

Advanced Plan

  • Encourages growth
  • Increases density
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Thickens hair
Advanced Plan

Advanced Plan - Capsule

  • Encourages growth
  • Increases density
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Thickens hair
Advanced Plan - Capsule


  • Take two capsules once daily to give effective results visible in 3-6 months.

  • Sons doesn't do contracts. We offer flexible subscriptions which recur every 1-month, 3-months, 6-months or 12- months, depending on which plan you select. You can change the products in your subscription and choose when to get your next order all through our easy to use Manage Account page. Or just give us a call, and one of our agents will help you with anything you need.

  • Ingredients and their benefits:

    • Anagain:
      Benefit: Natural and sustainable solution for achieving fuller and thicker hair.
    • Marine Collagen:
      Benefit: Protects and strengthens hair follicles.
    • Saw Palmetto:
      Benefit: Natural DHT blocker, supporting a healthy scalp and hair.
    • Biotin:
      Benefit: Essential nutrient vital for energy production and crucial for skin, hair, and nail health.
    • Acerola Cherry Extract/Vitamin C: Benefit: An excellent source of vitamin C, promoting overall hair health.
    • L-Lysine:
      Benefit: Amino acid crucial for shaping and volumizing hair.
    • Magnesium:
      Benefit: Promotes hair growth by regulating the hair growth cycle.
    • Zinc:
      Benefit: Improves the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle.
    • Copper:
      Benefit: Boosts collagen and elastin, enhancing overall hair quality.
  • Whilst there is always the chance of an allergic reaction to an ingredient, there are no specific concerns around these ingredients causing worrisome side effects.

  • Consistency of use is key - if you're looking to strengthen and nourish your hair, Sons’ Hair Growth Complex has a specially devised range of ingredients designed to do just that. For those suffering with hair loss, it is a perfect companion to medical hair loss treatments such as Oral Tablet and Minoxidil.

UK licensed medication
Carbon neutral
Flexible subscriptions, no contracts