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Minoxidil Tablets for Hair Loss

Minoxidil Tablets for Hair Loss
10 November 2023
2-minute read

It isn’t just topical applications that are used for fighting hair loss and restarting the growth process again; some patients are also prescribed the oral form of Minoxidil as an alternative application.

You might be wondering why some are prescribed the Minoxidil tablets instead of the topical application, and how they fight hair loss.

This article will provide clarity on the matter and enlighten you on the benefits of taking Minoxidil orally. 


What is Oral Minoxidil?

Researchers stumbled across Minoxidil as a medication for hair loss - the drug was initially designed for those suffering from hypertension, but it became apparent that the tablet also promoted hair growth in patients. It was the first medication to be FDA-approved to treat hair loss in topical form and has since been one of the most used medications for hair loss since the 1990s.

Oral Minoxidil is increasingly used to treat the signs of hair loss or thinning as an alternative to topical treatment for those unable to use Topical Minoxidil. Minoxidil tablets for hair loss should be taken once a day as directed by your prescriber. This is an alternative to using the first-line form of Topical Minoxidil, but the treatment works similarly and is thought to be as effective.

Minoxidil is a highly effective form of treating hair loss, creating a better environment for hair to thrive by increasing the blood flow to the scalp area. Although its exact mechanism of action is unclear, it is thought to create better conditions by decreasing the length of the dormant stage of your hair cycle, thus reducing the likelihood of hair loss and promoting more opportunities for new strands to develop.

Sons’ prescribers can help you understand Minoxidil and answer any queries you might have - get in touch with our team today.

How do I know if the Oral Minoxidil treatment is working?

Taking this treatment will require some patience; the effects of Oral Minoxidil aren’t evident overnight, it usually takes at least 3 months before you may notice the initial signs that the treatment is having any effect.

At around 6 months, more significant evidence that the medication is performing its job. Keep an eye on your temples and crown area, as this is commonly where change is noticed. The full effects of Oral Minoxidil will be on display between 9 and 12 months; your hair loss should have stopped and there should hopefully be strong signs of progress.

It’s important to maintain daily consumption of the treatment - even a couple of missed days can affect the results of the Minoxidil tablets. For those who keep up their routine intake, however, the Minoxidil capsules should work in around 90% of men.

Side effects are rare and, if you were to experience any, they should go as soon as you stop taking Oral Minoxidil. To find out more about the medication, read our FAQs here.

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