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Why now is the best time to start your treatment for hair loss

Why now is the best time to start your treatment for hair loss
22 June 2023
1-minute read

For many men, there can be a lot of deliberation over whether or not to start preventative hair loss treatment. There is also a moment of denial, where we might start to notice our hair thinning on top, but are too worried to admit it. Don’t worry, many men go through the same thing but it is up to you if you act on it sooner rather than later. In this article, we will explain why now is an excellent time to take that leap and what starting treatment for hair loss can mean for you.

Acting early is key

As hair loss progresses, more and more hair follicles die off, eventually leading to more and more obvious hair loss. Taking action early is the best way to maintain a full head of hair - hair loss treatment plans work first by halting further hair loss and are effective in 90% of people who take them. Of that 60% can get some regrowth in their hair, however holding on to what you have is much easier than regaining what you’ve lost, so acting early is key. 

The Re-Growth Process

With summer fast approaching, the best time to start your treatment for hair loss is always a few months before. Why? Because you will start to reap the benefits of your chosen hair loss treatment a few months down the line. If you want to line up your holidays and days out with a new found level of confidence that only a thicker and stronger set of hair can bring you, then it is best to start looking into the right treatment for you now. Still unsure as to which Sons treatment is right for you? Be sure to visit our free consultation and complete that to be put in touch with one of our trained physicians, who can point you in the right direction and will get you started on your hair regrowth journey.


In conclusion, there is no time like the present, and this sentiment is not lost on when you should start your hair loss treatment. At Sons, there are countless options for all different stages of hair loss, which ensures you that you will not miss out on the right treatment for you. Visit our online store today to get started.

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