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2 min read

Sprays, shampoos, or tablets? How to find the right treatment for hair loss

If you’ve noticed the early signs of male pattern hair loss, you will almost certa...
1 min read

Why now is the best time to start your treatment for hair loss

For many men, there can be a lot of deliberation over whether or not to start prev...
1 min read

DHT Blocking Shampoos: How They Work

DHT-blocking shampoos have become increasingly popular in men looking to slow the ...
2 min read

First Steps to take when you notice thinning hair

Here we will outline the best steps to take when you first notice thinning hair as well as what the right treatment might be for you.


2 min read

Debunking Common Minoxidil Myths

 In this article, we will try and help separate fact from fiction and highlight some of the most common myths surrounding minoxidil so we can set you on the straight and narrow when you’re deciding the right hair loss treatment for you.
2 min read

Oral Minoxidil v Topical: What's the difference?

Minoxidil is a potent treatment when looking to grow hair back or when aiming to s...
2 min read

Sons’ Guide to Oral Minoxidil side effects

Oral Minoxidil is a proven way to halt hair loss and begin the process of regrowth...
1 min read

Is Oral Minoxidil safe? And other FAQs answered

Whether you’ve just started your course of Oral Minoxidil treatment, or you’re won...
2 min read

The importance of using treatments following hair transplants

The importance of using treatments following hair transplants While a transplant ...