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Oral Capsule

Oral Capsule - Hair Loss
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Oral Capsule is a tablet alternative to topical minoxidil for those who prefer a pill or who cannot take topical minoxidil. Oral Capsule has been shown to halt hair loss and promote hair regrowth. This option has been found to be an effective alternative form of Minoxidil, working in over 90% of men with fewer side-effects reported.

Who's it for?

Our Oral Capsule is for men who want a tablet alternative to topical treatment and are experiencing the early signs of hair loss across the temples and crown In particular.


9/10 men


6–12 months

From £18.33/month.

Treatments are available in 1, 3, 6 month plans.

Please read the product information leaflet. Find out more about the prescribing process here

Remember, your final treatment will be recommended by our prescribing partners based on your answers provided in your consultation. You will be asked to indicate a preferred treatment option from a selected list after completion of your consult.


  • Oral Minoxidil works in the same ways as topical minoxidil, by causing vasodilation or relaxing the blood vessels, which helps deliver blood flow and nutrients to stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is converted into its active form by the sulfotransferase enzyme found in the scalp and liver - but not all men have this in their scalps. Some argue that Oral Minoxidil can be more effective than the topical version because it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore activated in all patients regardless of whether the enzyme is present in their scalp.

  • The Oral Minoxidil dose for hair loss in males is one 2.5mg tablet taken once daily. Treatment needs to be continued for the positive effect on hair to be maintained.

  • Sons doesn't do contracts. We offer flexible subscriptions which recur every 1-month, 3-months, 6-months or 12- months, depending on which plan you select. You can change the products in your subscription and choose when to get your next order all through our easy to use Manage Account page. Or just give us a call, and one of our agents will help you with anything you need.

  • Each monthly package contains:

    • 90 or 180 day supply of 2.5mg Oral Minoxidil tablets
  • As hair growth is a slow process, it can take several months before results become apparent. Hair typically grows at an average of 1cm per month so we suggest it would suggest it would take approximately 6 months to notice significant progress with optimal results after 12 months.

  • Oral Minoxidil is a suitable and safe alternative/2nd line treatment to topical Minoxidil in those who can’t take topical Minoxidil due to side effects from Topical Minoxidil such as scalp irritation, headaches, redness and itchy scalp, or who find hair appearance or even compliance difficult with topical treatments but who still want to treat their hair loss with Minoxidil.

  • An unlicensed medicine can be defined in a number of ways:

    - A medicine that is formulated in an alternative version to the licensed medicine (e.g. a oral medication made into a topical liquid formulation, or a medication made in a different strength to the original licensed version).
    - A medicine that has no licence at all.
    - A medicine that has a licence in other countries, but not the UK.
    - A medicine that is being used for a purpose other than for which it is specifically licensed - this is the case with Oral Minoxidil for hair loss.

  • Side effects are rare and generally reversible. Possible side effects include excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis) in other parts of the body , headaches and fluid retention.

    It’s normal for your old hair to fall out within the first 2-4 months this is a good sign! It means that the medication is working and your hair is starting a new growth cycle.

UK licensed medication
Carbon neutral
Flexible subscriptions, no contracts

Still not sure?

Complete an online consultation and our prescribing partners will recommend a treatment plan tailored to you.

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Still not sure?

Complete an online consultation and our prescribing partners will recommend a treatment plan tailored to you.

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